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Bernina Sewing Machine Reviews (Top 8)

Bernina Sewing Machine Reviews

The main strategy of BERNINA is the production of the best sample. This strategy lasts more than a hundred years. Each Bernina sewing machine clearly demonstrates why sewing machines from Switzerland enjoy an excellent reputation: tradition and precision in aesthetic perfection. Let’s look at the best models of Bernina sewing machines.

Bernina Sewing Machine Reviews

1. Bernina Bernette 35

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The Bernette 35 sewing machine is a reliable and easy-to-use new product from Bernina with a wide range of sewing possibilities at home.

Bernette 35 performs 23 sewing operations with the possibility of adjusting the length and width of the stitch. In addition to working and special operations, such as a hidden or overlock seam, it will allow you to sweep the loop in automatic mode and decorate the products with decorative stitches. To select and adjust the selected stitch, the disc controls on the front panel of the machine are used.

The sewing functions of the machine are suitable for a variety of purposes. There are simple work stitches and special – for sewing knitwear or imitation overlock seam and 8 decorative stitches for decorating your products. Those who sew a lot, like the function of processing the buttonhole, which is executed in just 1 step.

For the most comfortable sewing, the machine is equipped with a built-in needle threader, a rack cut-off system and an automatic winding device for bobbin thread. A large working area to the right of the needle (170 mm) and LED-backlight provide convenient and accurate work with large products.

Powerful drive and soft running of the machine guarantee the high quality of the seam when sewing any fabrics – from silk and organza to denim and coat materials. The metal frame and wide base make the machine stable, allowing you to make excellent stitches at speeds up to 860 rpm.

  1. 23 sewing operations.
  2. The maximum stitch length is 4 mm.
  3. The maximum zigzag width is 5 mm.
  4. Upper thread tension regulator.
  5. Vertical shuttle.
  6. Reverse lever.
  7. Smooth adjustment of the length and width of the stitch.
  8. Built-in needle threader.
  9. Additional lift of the presser foot.
  10. Free sleeve.
  11. Storage compartment for accessories.

2. Bernina 530

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Bernina 530 is a modern model of a well-known brand that will meet all your expectations! Reliability, functionality and thoughtful design at the right price.

The main advantage of the Bernina 530 sewing machine is its perfectly precise stitch control, even with free-motion stitch. Their parameters are easily adjusted to the intended effect and fabrics features, being stored in the memory for fast access.

The touch screen provides easy control of the full range of functions. With the help of a built-in consultant, a beginner will quickly master the entire assortment of settings and select the necessary ones, and an experienced wizard will avoid possible errors in working with complex projects.

Special options included in the kit and delivered separately guarantee an excellent result when working in patchwork technology. Work area lighting creates special comfort.

The main advantages:

  • Optimum stitch control;
  • Automatic one-step buttonhole;
  • Wide range of stitches;
  • Optional Bernina Stitch Regulator.

Choosing a sewing machine Bernina 530, you will find a sensitive and intelligent assistant in creativity for a long time. Reliability of the design and well-thought-out functionality are characteristic features of the famous brand.

3. Bernina 350 PE

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The Bernina 350 PE sewing machine is an excellent choice for those who prefer reliability and quality. Buying a Bernina 350 PE sewing machine, you are guaranteed long-term and reliable work.

Sewing machine Bernina B350 PE belongs to the computerized type of devices and has a stylish design. One of its main advantages is the breadth of operations performed – there are 191 Stitche, 18 Utility stitches, 3 Buttonholes, Automatic buttonhole length measuring system, Automatic buttonhole, Manual multi-step buttonhole, Button sew-on program, 1 Darning program, 63 Decorative stitches, 11 Quilting stitches, 4 Cross-stitch programs, 2 Sewing alphabets, Reverse sewing patterns. It’s easy to select the desired mode using the tips from the electronic screen.

The speed of the Bernina 350 PE sewing machine is 900 stitches per minute. It automatically sews loops, makes dozens of decorative stitches and allows you to simulate manual sewing in the style of quilting. This device is suitable for all types of fabrics.

The Bernina 350 Patchwork Edition sewing machine offers advanced features for patchwork lovers. Eleven special quilting stitches and an enlarged working surface will allow you to sew a wide variety of projects in patchwork technology much faster and more comfortable.

User reviews also talk about the traditional quality and reliability of Bernina technology and praise this model for its useful functionality and reasonable price.

4. Bernina Bernette 33

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Bernette 33 is a compact and easy-to-use sewing machine. Ideal for beginners.

The model Bernette 33 – electromechanical sewing machine, made in a stylish Swiss design, is optimal for beginners. The simplicity of its use allows you to quickly and easily master the basics of sewing. It is a reliable and durable machine, with high-quality sewing and all the necessary functions. Adjustments are made using two knobs on the front panel. The machine performs 15 kinds of lines with a maximum width of 5 mm, including the operation of hooking the loop in semi-automatic mode. The two-stage presser foot, built-in needle threader and manual thread cutter make it easy to work. The kit includes 5 different presser feet.

A convenient workspace and additional features

In addition to the convenient work area, the Bernette 33 has additional storage space for accessories, so everything you need is at your fingertips.

Semi-automatic needle threader – a quick and easy way to refill the machine

Semi-automatic needle threading machine Bernette 33 relieves you of the inconvenience associated with threading the needle. The needle threader holds the thread and pulls it into the eye of the needle. This means that your machine is ready to work in a few seconds and you can start your sewing project.

The 2-step lifting of the foot – for sewing several layers of fabric

No matter which lightweight or heavy fabric you choose for your project, the Bernette 33 will provide excellent sewing quality. The machine does an excellent job both with heavy materials and with multi-layered projects, as the 2-step rise of the foot provides additional space under the foot. Raise the presser foot and make sure that even a few layers of jeans are easily placed under the presser foot. Due to the high power, you can work with multi-layer projects, without any problems.

Convenient adjustments to sewing parameters

With two convenient non-slip knobs, it is easy to select the stitch and stitch length settings. The buttonhole function can also be selected in the sewing process by simply turning the knob.

Bernette 33 is a guarantee of stable operation due to a reliable and proven mechanism. On it, you can create products of your own design and repair clothes, which simplifies the management of the household.

  • 15 sewing operations;
  • semi-automatic loop;
  • vertical shuttle;
  • smooth adjustment of stitch length up to 4 mm;
  • smooth adjustment of the zigzag width to 5 mm;
  • threader;
  • LED-backlight;
  • free sleeve;
  • 2-step lifting of the foot;
  • the maximum sewing speed is 860 st/min;
  • manual thread trimming;
  • reverse;
  • sewing with a double needle;
  • quick change of the presser foot.

5. Bernina Bernette 37

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A compact electronic sewing machine from the famous brand BERNINA. The distinctive features of the model are simple to control. Great reliability of the design.

It sews any types of fabrics – from thin and ultra-thin to medium and thick and also fabrics of any density and texture. To look stylish, modern, bright, creative.

The horizontal rotary shuttle – this type of device doesn’t have a bobbin case, the bobbin is inserted directly into the shuttle – it’s very convenient and simple. The color of the thread is also visible, and its number on the bobbin and even how the thread is removed from the shuttle. A machine with such a shuttle works quietly, smoothly, gently, preventing looping, skipping of the thread.

The sewing machine Bernette b37 has 50 sewing options in its arsenal. The automatic loop is of 5 different types. Convenient color display, it displays the selected line, its length and width.

The stitch features are extended: its length is up to 5 mm, width – up to 7 mm. Stitch settings can be changed. The Start/Stop button enables sewing without a pedal, and the needle positioning option at the top or bottom makes it easy to process the corners of the sewing parts. The sewing speed is adjusted according to the type of fabric or operation selected.

Technical specifications BERNINA Bernette 37

  1. Sewing machine with microprocessor control, perfectly working with all kinds of fabrics and non-woven materials – from thin silk to soft leather and jeans.
  2. Performed lines: working, zigzag, hidden, reinforced, finishing, overlock, decorative, buttonhole (5 types).
  3. Adjusting the sewing parameters allows you to work with both thin and dense fabrics.
  4. Loops are performed in automatic mode with the measurement of the size of the button.
  5. A convenient informative display with complete information on the selected stitch parameters.
  6. Sewing button without pedal start/stop.
  7. Sewing reverse button.
  8. Buckle button.
  9. Needle position button.
  10. The sewing speed controller on the machine body.
  11. Needle puncture force control system.
  12. Upper thread tension regulator.
  13. Precise digital adjustment of stitch parameters.
  14. Automatic needle threading.
  15. Automatic bobbin winder.
  16. Seven-segment fabric conveyor belt.
  17. Infinitely adjustable sewing speed.
  18. Disconnectable fabric conveyor for darning and free stitch operations.
  19. Balance regulator of stitches and knitted stitches.
  20. 5 kinds of loops, including eyelets, automatic buttonholes.
  21. Removable arm platform.
  22. The maximum sewing speed is 700 st/min.
  23. Bright LED illumination of the working area.

6. Bernina Bernette 38

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Bernina Bernette 38 is the leader of the Bernette computer models line. The wide choice of sewing operations, electronic control with LCD screen and thoughtful design will provide you with comfort for work and creativity.

Among 394 operations you will find both basic and knitted stitches, as well as decorative, quilted stitches, 3 fonts (including Russian) and 8 types of automatic loops. In the model memory, you can save new combinations of stitches and adjust all the parameters of the selected program on the monitor. The maximum width of the stitch is 7 mm. Simple threading with threader, speed adjustment buttons, start/stop and needle position, as well as adjusting the pressure force of the presser foot and automatically pruning the threads have provided the model with excellent reviews.

The model is equipped with an expanded set of accessories, including a cover and an additional table. Special accessories can be bought separately.

  1. Sewing machine with microprocessor control, perfectly working with all kinds of fabrics and non-woven materials – from thin silk to soft leather and jeans.
  2. Adjusting the sewing parameters allows you to work with both thin and dense fabrics.
  3. Loops are performed in automatic mode with the measurement of the size of the button.
  4. A convenient informative display with complete information about the selected parameters of the line, sewing advisor.
  5. Sewing button without pedal start/stop.
  6. Sewing reverse button.
  7. Buckle button.
  8. Thread Cutter Button.
  9. Sewing program button.
  10. The sewing speed controller on the machine body.
  11. Presser foot pressure regulator.
  12. Upper thread tension regulator.
  13. Precise digital adjustment of stitch parameters.
  14. Smooth adjustment of the stitch length up to 5 mm.
  15. Infinitely adjustable zigzag width up to 7 mm.
  16. Automatic needle threading – needle threader.
  17. Automatic bobbin winder.
  18. Seven-segment fabric conveyor belt.
  19. Smooth adjustment of the stitch length up to 5 mm.
  20. Infinitely adjustable zigzag width up to 7 mm.
  21. Infinitely adjustable sewing speed.
  22. Disconnectable fabric conveyor for darning and free stitch operations.
  23. Needle positioning.
  24. Programming the automatic thread trimming after sewing.
  25. Balance regulator of stitches and knitted stitches.
  26. 8 kinds of loops, including eyelets, automatic buttonholes.
  27. Removable hose platform.
  28. Maximum sewing speed with a pedal of 820 st/min.
  29. Maximum speed with the start/stop button 700 st/min.
  30. Bright LED illumination of the working area.

7. Bernette Sew Go 1

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Bernina Bernette Sew Go 1 is an inexpensive and reliable technique for beginner needlewomen. With it, you can easily sew a skirt, blouse, shirt or bedding. Young mothers, whose babies constantly need new clothes also will like the model.

Despite the simple appearance, the sewing machine Bernina Bernette Sew Go 1 pleases with a variety of stitches.

There are four presser feet (soles), including the buttonhole foot and a zipper foot, come as standard with this model.

The ability to adjust the pressure of the foot helps to get high-quality stitches on different materials, as noted in many reviews. On the front of the case, there is a reverse switch, as well as controls for selecting operations and stitch length. Bright illumination is carried out by an LED lamp for comfortable work in the evening.

Among the advantages of the model are an adequate price and modern design. To perform some special operations, you can buy additional feet and accessories.

8. Bernette London 5

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The 28-operation electromechanical sewing machine will be a great helper in your home. With it, you can both repair clothes and sew a stylish wardrobe item. Very convenient to use, perfectly sews all fabrics. The number of stitches is quite sufficient for beginners.

Bernina Bernette London 5 is a great combination of sewing capabilities and cutting-edge design at an affordable price.

A wide selection of operations (28) includes everything you need: two quilting stitches, ten stretch stitches, nine different practical stitches, six decorative stitches – even an automatic buttonhole. According to the owners’ reviews, the machine works qualitatively with fabrics of different thicknesses due to a change in the pressure of the foot. The machine has a needle threader, a reverse function, and built-in backlight.

Case and a basic set of feet included. If necessary, you can pick up and buy additional accessories later.

Special operating modes make it possible to achieve the effect of manual quilting, patchwork, and thanks to its power, the machine works with all types of fabrics.

Bernina – an excellent brand of sewing equipment for more than 100 years which has earned the respect of those who are not indifferent to sewing and needlework around the world: from housewives to professional workers in the textile industry.

Reliability, simplicity, and longevity are its main trump cards. Don’t be afraid of the prices of certain products – knowledgeable people don’t hesitate to purchase this equipment because it pays for itself in a matter of months – good functionality and trouble-free operation allow.

Do you want an “eternal” machine that will not become obsolete in a few years and will serve faithfully? We hope, in this article, we were able to convince you what kind of brand such a machine should be.

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