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6 Best Coverstitch Machines of 2022

Best Coverstitch Machines

Popular knitwear, regardless of age and gender, in addition to its attractive appearance, has two important advantages: they are perfectly stretched without cracking the seams and are not highly reusable. And such clothes can persistently transfer multiple washing.

In addition to the characteristics of the fabric itself, the merit for this belongs to coverstitch machines, which are used for finishing the edges of sleeves, bottoms, other elements, sewing parts or sewing gum, braid, ready lace. For those who decided to buy but do not yet know which model to choose, our selection of best coverstitch machine of 2018 will help you to determine the choice.

Best Coverstitch Machines

1. Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX

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The Janome Cover Pro Pro 1000CPX is used for bending, finishing, and knitting. A distinctive feature of the Janome flat-bottom machines is the large reach of the sleeve, which gives us a large working surface. It is 100×143 mm. Seams can now be made not only along the edge of clothing but also as a decorative stitch.


The machine is the 1-3 needle, that is, there are three needles, and a looper moves from below. Depending on the number of installed needles, different variations of the joints are possible. If there are three needles, a 3-needle 4-thread flat seam is obtained. Used for processing sleeves, the bottom edge, sewing lace, and tape, sewing gum, decorative trim.

In most cases, a 2-needle wide 6mm stitch is used. To do this, just remove the central needle. Less commonly, 2-needle narrow 3mm stitches can be used. There can be two kinds of them since we can take off either an extreme left or an extreme right needle.

For sewing with a straight stitch, you can leave one of any of the three needles. The result is a chain elastic stitch.


Threading is very convenient and understandable. The paths of the threads are indicated by arrows and different colors. The threading of the looper thread is indicated separately.


On the right side of the machine, there are controls. This is a flywheel, a stem length regulator, and a differential feed regulator. The stem length is possible from 1-4 mm, the value of the differential feed is from 0.5 to 2.5.

Seam reinforcement system

On the front panel is another regulator. Its function is to reduce the sagging of the looper thread.

 Sleeve platform

Thanks to the removable plate it is easy to sew tubular products in the form of sleeves.

The pressure of the foot

Thanks to the upper regulator, the presser foot can be adjusted. When sewing different in density and thickness of fabrics.


The specific stitching that this machine makes is the very easy stitching. It is enough just to pull the lower thread of the looper and the seam will not. Therefore, after the end of sewing, the threads are tightened and tied.

2. Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch

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One of the most vivid examples of the technical perfection of modern sewing equipment produced by the Japanese Brother company is the Brother 2340 CV sewing machine, the main purpose of which is sewing stretch fabrics with a special type of seam – an elastic flat seam. Therefore, a flat-tailed machine belongs to the number of special machines because it performs only a small number of sewing operations and can only do the following types of seams:

  • 3-needle 4-thread sewing stitch;
  • 2-needle 3-thread stitching seam (wide);
  • 2-needle 3-thread stitching seam (narrow);
  • сhain stitch.

The most common stitching machine is used for processing the bottom and neck of garments made of knitwear and other strongly stretch fabrics such as stretch. With the help of such a machine, it is possible to make loops, edging the edges of the product with an oblique bake, decorate any clothes with beautiful decorative stitches.

The Brother 2340 CV coverstitch machine, although it belongs to the number of household desktop machines, is much more suitable for business related to the manufacture of garments at home. It can sew 2, 3 and 4 threads simultaneously, making 5 different stitches at a speed of 1000 stitches per minute. Has a simple and convenient threading system, the differential feed of the fabric. The machine is equipped with additional exchangeable paws for various operations. The dial allows you to change the stitch length from 3 to 6 mm.

Brother 2340 CV – a very successful acquisition for those seamstresses that sew at home not only for themselves. This desktop stitching machine, whose weight is only 7 kilograms, is almost as good as the performance of sewing operations by industrial machines. With it, you can professionally handle any products sewn from knitwear and other soft, heavily stretching fabrics.

3. Singer 14T968DC

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Singer 14T968DC is a combination overlock with a stitching machine. Easy control and filling of the coverlock. Technical characteristics are developed by the standards of industrial sewing machines, which gives reliability and quality in work. Qualitative lines will be appreciated not only by sewers but also by professionals. Automatic tension eliminates the debilitating adjustment of the stitching for each kind of material, now the Singer coverstitch machine does this for you.

Due to its high power, competent design, and high-quality assembly of this overlock, you can successfully work with the lightest and coarse fabrics.

Performs 5-4-3-2-thread stitches

Different types of joints will provide the perfect stitch, regardless of the project: stitching stitch, chain, roller seam, Flatlock and others.

Fully automatic thread tension setting

Sew perfectly balanced stitches on all types of fabrics.

Removable tissue trimming pocket

Keep your workplace clean, collecting the cut off the fabric.

1300 stitches per minute

Such speed of sewing is an invaluable time-saving!

Color thread direction marking system

Makes threading easier – just follow the color designations of the threads applied to the body.

Differential feed of tissue

Fully adjustable, which provides an ideal supply of any type of fabric – no tears and wrinkles! It is also useful for maintaining elastic materials and preventing them from “stretching”.

Movable upper knife

It’s easy to remove the knife if you do not need to trim the fabric in your design.

Adjustable stitch length

It is easy to adjust the stitch length by simply turning the knob.


Carrying handle makes it easy to transportable!

Additional presser foot lift

The presser foot lifting lever has two positions. If you press the lever to the top position, it will be convenient to place several layers of fabric under the foot.

4 types of role seam

Switching to the role seam is the simplest! Easy access to the role seam tab makes the task instantly workable.

5-thread reinforced seam

Consists of a 3-thread overlock seam and double chain stitch.

4-thread reinforced seam

Consists of 2-thread overlock seam and double chain stitch.

4. Brother 1034D

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The Brother 1034D is an excellent model that is recommended for professional product processing. This four-stranded machine is capable to be rebuilt without triviality into a three-threaded machine. Moreover, the technique presented in the description is extremely easy to manage and customizable options. Complete adjustment can be done in just a few minutes.

This model from the Japanese manufacturer provides a system of filling the lower looper, which greatly simplifies the work with a household machine. The model of the Brother 1034D is equipped with clips (levers) for convenient threading and disk tension controllers. Also in Brother 1034D, the function of the pressure regulator and differential feed of the material is incorporated, which allows regulating the planting of elastic tissues.

In addition, the Brother overlock is able to smoothly adjust the width of the edge, by which it is allowed to vary the width of the seam according to any preference or density of the material. Perform a quality line on fabrics with varying degrees of extensibility, the differential feed of the material will help. The conveyor combs are adjusted in such a way as to stretch or compress the fabric when sewing.

With the Brother brand coverstitch machine, you’ll be surprised at how it is easy and fun to work.


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Juki MO 654 DE is a professional sewing machine with a wide variety of features and a large number of optional accessories. Juki MO 654 DE overlock is favorably favored by the convenient location of the control arms, the presence of an automatic to the ruler of the lower loopers, as well as enhanced functionality. The Juki MO 654 DE overlock machine can process fabrics in 2, 3, 4 thread strings of different widths and performs a beautiful narrow role seam.

For the Juki MO 654 DE overlock there are no differences in thickness and structure of the treated fabrics. On overlock with excellent stitch quality equally well-processed light, medium, elastic, and heavy fabrics. The Juki MO 654 DE coverstitch is great for beginners as well as for experienced sewing lovers.

Features of this machine:

  • 13 seam stitches and stitches, the presence of a roller stitch of a coverlock.
  • Fast switching to 2 or 3-thread seams, and also you can effortlessly switch to a roller stitch.
  • There is a knob that allows you to change the width and length of the stitch. The ability to smoothly change the width and length of stitches.
  • The presser foot is raised by 6 and 8 mm, with the possibility to adjust the presser foot pressure on the material and change it quickly.
  • Backlight for the ability to work in the dark.
  • The overlock Juki 654 has a stitch overlay speed of about 1500 per minute.
  • The Juki MO 654 DE overlock is equipped with a new “Lay-In-System” threading system.
  • Very simple repair of industrial sewing machines of this type can also be attributed to the characteristics of the device.

6. Juki MO-735

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Functional and affordable, the high-quality model of a 4-thread instrument. Sew fast and neatly. To spoil the stitch is almost impossible. The coverlock adapts to any fabric, thread or needle, the settings are very simple. Quiet, steady, powerful. The beginning seamstress will have to get used to the sharp and confident start of the coverlock. But after a few years, this device will continue to sew in surprisingly identical, even stitches.

It has the widest possibilities due to two-, three-, four- and five-threaded seams and is equipped with a two-stage raising of the foot by up to 6 mm. The presser foot pressure can be changed up to 3 times.
The width of the seam at Juki MO-735, depending on the mode, can be up to 10 mm. Thanks to the power of the engine, the machine can make 1500 stitches per minute. Their length is from 1 to 4 mm.

Equipping with color-coded threading lines and direct threading significantly simplifies work with the overlock. Also, useful functions will be: backlighting at night, automatic refilling of loopers, loosening of thread tensioners when raising the foot.

Versatile design and ease of transition from overlapping to overlock and back extends creative possibilities and turns work with JUKI MO-735 into pleasure.

Purpose and use of coverstitch machines

The coverstitch machine is designed for sewing knitwear and highly stretchable fabrics. Chain stitch, which is formed when weaving threads, is not tightened like in shuttle machines and therefore withstands significant stretching.
The stitcher performs a single stitch, called a stitch, but it does it very well and qualitatively.

Of course, this stitch can be imitated on a conventional machine, if you use a double needle or a decorative knitted seam of some overlock models. But, if you need high quality and speed, the stitching machine cannot be replaced.
A characteristic feature of the stitches is that they are designed to work with polyester and textured yarns, and therefore the seams are not only beautiful but also the most durable.

Sewing threads for coverstitch machines

Sewing threads for work on such machines are better to use on large conical spools since the thread consumption of a coverstitch machine is significant and a small coil is sufficient for a maximum of one product.

The stitching machine can also be used for decorative finishing of products in the form of beautiful, sometimes from contrasting threads of finishing seams. Very often, coverstitch machines are used to stitch rubber bands in sports trousers, making shirts, etc.

Choosing a stitching machine is important to think carefully

It is desirable to choose a multifunctional reliable model, the work on which will not cause you any difficulties, and the quality of products obtained with its help will be high. The best choice will be models from well-known brands, differing in the quality of production and long operating life. Such models are equipped with a number of useful options and allow you to work with different types of fabrics.

Quality models of the stitchers are equipped with removable platforms for processing complex places and hoses, as well as separate conveyors for feeding fabrics that look like a pair of combs and located in front of and behind the needles. Such equipment makes it possible to significantly simplify the work of the operator. So, the conveyor allows you to create ruffles, to process thin and sliding fabrics because it allows you to collect and stretch the material.

Objectively, the market for such devices is small. This is easily explained by the reluctance of most manufacturers to bother themselves with the release of such specific machines. But, nevertheless, there are such models that quickly satisfy the demand for such high-quality equipment.

What should you look for when buying a stitching machine?

The main difference between the various models of coverstitch machines lies in the width between the extreme needles. Typically, the normal parameter is 5.5 or 6.5 mm. In the case when you need a narrower seam, then you should stop your choice on the coverstitch machine with a pair of needles. And if you need a seam in 6.5 mm, then choose a machine with three needles. The machines that we present to you today are equipped with three needles. The presence of three needles in their device allows obtaining several varieties of a flat seam. Together with this, you can adjust the required width of the seam, by moving the needle. This adjustment will allow you to get a wide stitch and seam narrow, which is suitable for making children’s things.

The design of the coverstitch machines repeats the design of conventional sewing machines. They have a large working surface. Quality coverstitch machines are distinguished by the presence of the differential scale, the pressure regulator on the presser foot and the designation of the maximum stitch length.

When choosing a coverstitch machine, pay attention to such criteria as the noise of the engine, smooth running. Also, proper work of the stitching machine is impossible without its precise adjustment and selection of threads and needles.

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