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10 Best Embroidery Companies

Best Embroidery Companies

Embroidery has always been akin to high art. With the invention of embroidery machines, it has risen to a new level, and most importantly – it has repeatedly accelerated. At the same time, the quality of work invariably keeps at a high level.

Modern embroidery equipment, whether it’s a home device or a professional model – is a multifunctional machine that allows you to work both in traditional technique with a smooth or cross-stitch, and perform voluminous embroidery, and some of them are patchwork and quilting.

If you are thinking about buying an embroidery machine, we have prepared some useful information on this topic, namely the list of 10 top campaigns producing embroidery machines of high quality.

Best Embroidery Companies

1. Singer

We should start with the most famous brand of sewing machines. Singer has been manufacturing sewing machines for decades. On their technique, several generations of sewing, as well as fashion designers, have grown up. The world brand is associated with high quality. And although in its line Singer hasn’t so many sewing-embroidery machines, the models of this American company are most popular all over the world.

2. Brother

The Brother embroidery machine is the ideal equipment for a small tailoring and repair company, as well as making textiles. The equipment of Brother brand today is considered one of the most high-quality machines for this business, due to its wide functionality, high speed and quality of the work done. This technique allows us to realize the most creative ideas, which are associated with embroidery, appliqué, and complex cut.

Brother product manufacturers in the production of embroidery machines use only the most modern digital technology. In some of the latest models of the brand, the machine has a built-in video camera that scans the work surface, carries out a full control over the embroidery process, and a touch-sensitive tablet to transfer the picture and select a specific program.

Modern Brother embroidery machine is a computerized device that is equipped with unique features:

  1. Scanning the position of the needle and embroidery with the built-in video camera.
  2. Automatic selection of colors.
  3. The presence of several hundred embroidery designs in the device’s memory.
  4. The presence of several types of creative embroidery – ribbons, three-dimensional and embroidery around the edge.

You can say that the Brother embroidery machines are a real miracle of technology. Such a device will be useful not just for home use but will also become a kind of embroidery shop where only one machine performs the functions of a designer and masters.

3. Janome

JANOME Japanese company is widely known to professionals and lovers of sewing. The enterprise actively develops novelties of computer technologies, robotics, innovative materials, and also conducts own research and development. JANOME embroidery machines – a combination of the latest technology and traditions, laid down by famous manufacturers of sewing equipment.

Modern sewing equipment of the Japanese manufacturer allows creating unique things for skilled workers. Unleash your imagination, invent an original model of clothes or a product for home comfort – any of your ideas you can implement with the help of JANOME sewing equipment.

Janome computerized embroidery machines of Memory Craft series – is a unique equipment with a huge number of functions. Having such a machine, you can create beautiful embroidery, work with different materials, including the most complex and capricious. In the series, there are several models that differ in the set of options. All machines combine:

  • the presence of a computer unit;
  • a large number of ready-made embroidery designs in the library;
  • the ability to create and save your own designs;
  • compatible with a regular PC.

Everyone who has tried to work on modern sewing and embroidery equipment of Janome company knows that it is easy and convenient. The machines are equipped with a convenient monitor, a control system, a lot of operations that simplify the work (filling the thread, embroidering without a pedal, etc.) If you like to work, if you have a lot of creative ideas, buying a JANOME embroidery machine will help you discover your talents and create a lot of exceptional things.

4. Bernina

The Bernina sewing and embroidery machines are a European response to Asian counterparts. Swiss Bernina machine for embroidery is a multifunctional assistant for seamstresses, which allows creating amazing and unique things. One of the oldest European brands, engaged in the manufacture of sewing equipment, more than 100 years keeps a high bar and pleases its fans with new developments. Bernina sewing and embroidery machines embody the best technical ideas of today.

Working capacity of sewing and embroidery equipment of Bernina

For professionals involved in sewing clothes, buying a Bernina sewing and embroidery machine is a real opportunity to expand the range of products, create exclusive outfits decorated with beautiful and impeccably executed embroidery. Machines made in Switzerland are a computerized complex capable of performing:

  1. Sewing different types of material.
  2. Embroidery of all kinds of patterns.
  3. Saving and reproducing new designs created by you.

The first Bernina models were developed for use in industrial conditions but studying the market, the company’s specialists came to the conclusion that sewing and embroidery machines are in demand among ordinary craftsmen who like to do home-made needlework. That’s why the company is still creating sewing-embroidery machines of high quality.

Embroidery machines and sewing-embroidery machines by Bernina have long been leaders in sales. The quality of the lines, convenient electronic helpers, video instructions to sewing machines – all this will help you create your own unique masterpieces of art right at your house.

5. Juki

Juki is a Japanese brand, the leader in the production of industrial and household sewing machines and overlocks. The company’s philosophy is to ensure that the needs of customers are taken into account when creating the technology.

At the moment, the company produces a wide range of sewing machines, which are appreciated in different parts of the world due to the excellent quality of the line and reliability!

Sewing machines and overlocks by Juki successfully compete with many of the world’s leading brands. Many clothing designers prefer to use the machine and overlock Juki to create complex drawings on clothes, processing the edges of products from delicate fabrics.

JUKI models don’t have complete analogs among other brands. They occupy a separate niche of reliable in operation and high-quality machines, are not capricious in sewing, take any materials, threads. Machines are reliable in use because JUKI is a large manufacturer of industrial machines and overlocks for quality work.

6. Ricoma

The well-known Ricoma company was formed in the market of industrial sewing equipment not so long ago but already managed to win recognition of many buyers. Reputed as a highly professional company, Ricoma doesn’t cease to improve, develop and be the number among its counterparts.

The main equipment of Ricoma is industrial single-and multi-head embroidery machines. Single heads are used in small sewing workshops and ateliers, and 2, 4, 6, 8-head are used in large-scale production since they are suitable for simultaneous embroidery on several products.

In one head, there are from 10 to 15 needles, which corresponds to the number of colors. Features of the equipment:

  1. Ability to embroider a cross.
  2. Automatic control of color changes, breakage of threads.
  3. Output of the results of the machine on the display in real time.
  4. High-speed drawing.
  5. The ability to install additional devices on the device for other types of work.

Ricoma embroidery equipment is a high-end technique

At the moment, the embroidery machines of the famous brand are sold well in more than 90 countries of the world. Due to the fact that the manufacturer has a distinctive feature to offer all those wishing a lot of variations on the theme of a variety of embroideries, today you can choose to buy a one-head embroidery machine, a 24-head embroidery machine, and many other models.

Each Ricoma embroidery machine is an opportunity to equip the equipment according to its own order

The manufacturer can install on the embroidery technique a curb frame, embroidery frames, devices for sewing sequins, embroiderers on headgear, etc.

Ricoma embroidery machines are computerized. A lot of embroideries are already stuffed into the memory of machines, plus the equipment remembers a lot of additional patterns. An important feature of the Ricoma technique is that all embroidery machines work through a USB storage device.

7. Elna

Elna is a well-known European brand that is recognized by experts in the garment industry due to the excellent design and quality of its products. The Elna company regularly studies the opinion of consumers and always respects their interests. The ELNA trademark is a symbol of quality, innovation, and excellent service.

For over 70 years, Elna has been developing and manufacturing sewing equipment, both domestic and industrial. Each machine, overlock, coverstitch machine or other products of this brand is a reliable mechanism with the highest quality of assembly.

Equipment characteristics:

  • horizontal or vertical shuttle;
  • free sleeve;
  • threader;
  • several variants of the foot for conventional sewing, stitching of lightning or decorative seams;
  • adjustable foot presser pressure on the fabric;
  • adjustable width and stitch length.

Elna sewing machines can do everything: sew thin and dense fabrics quickly, effortlessly and accurately, make loops, sew on buttons and embroider beautiful drawings. With the help of such techniques, it is easy and pleasant to be engaged not only in sewing beautiful clothes and home textiles but with handwork in the style of patchwork or quilting.

You can choose from an electromechanical model of this brand, or completely computerized. It can only be a sewing machine or combined with an embroidery machine. All dreams come true if you have this hardworking, reliable and skillful assistant.


  • many modifications to any needs and skill levels;
  • wide price range;
  • the opportunity to purchase the necessary accessories is optional;
  • low power consumption at high power;
  • almost silent operation.

As for the price of this equipment – it is fully justified by the quality. Beginners in the sewing arts can choose electromechanical models at a very affordable cost. And for those who are engaged in sewing and embroidering on a professional level, Elna sewing machines of semi-industrial type are suitable. They cost several times more expensive but they fully repay themselves in a few months. You will not lose if you acquire such a model for your small business.

For those who love not only to sew but also to embroider, create real exclusive masterpieces for themselves or for sale, it is worthwhile to buy the Elna sewing machine. The present European quality, multifunctionality, durability, simple management – all these are modern models from the well-known brand.

8. Husqvarna

The Husqvarna sewing and embroidery machines and overlockers have earned an impeccable reputation throughout the world. Each machine by Husqvarna – this is primarily exceptional reliability!

HUSQVARNA Company is a pioneer in the manufacture of sewing machines equipped with a rotating shuttle, high-quality removable paws that don’t require periodic lubrication. The machine is equipped with a built-in display assistant and other modern functions. Due to their various capabilities, Husqvarna sewing machines have made sewing even easier and more comfortable.

The main advantages of HUSQVARNA sewing and embroidery equipment are the following:

  • excellent abrasion resistance;
  • unique high-resolution touchscreen in computer models;
  • operational transition from one function to another;
  • double illumination, with which you can clearly see the smallest details;
  • a large range of accessories, thanks to which it is easy to turn your ordinary machine into a professional one.

Many amateurs and professionals in the field of sewing give preference to this trademark, since the sewing equipment of Husqvarna passes strict quality control, and it also has good technical data and ease of use.

9. Happy

Happy machines are state-of-the-art embroidery machines made using the most advanced technologies. And, despite the fact that the design of the machine is multi-head, the brand machines are also very compact.

Easy, simple, and understandable in operation, Happy equipment perfectly copes with a variety of heavy and “capricious” or very dense fabrics. Miniature and compact models easily perform high-quality embroidery. The equipment is reliable and durable. Happy equipment is high-level with an effective noise reduction system, as well as the most innovative functional and technical qualities.

Embroidery machines by Happy are constantly being improved in design, which also facilitates and speeds up the work of seamstresses for the technique. And this factor, nevertheless, is very beneficial for sewing industries.

The best equipment for your company is Happy

Today, the demand for embroidery machines from Happy is really great due to the fact that the technique has great possibilities in the field of embroidery in comparison with the analogs of the brand.

Happy industrial machine quickly and simply copes with its tasks in the cut and on finished products (dresses, T-shirts, jackets, sports things, sweatshirts, scarves, hats, shoes, bags, etc.).

Professional equipment makes it possible to perform any embroidery tasks simply and easily. The multifunction machine with the automatic safety system is in case of the emergency shutdown. Embroidery machines with monitors – for clarity of the chosen pattern and innovative energy-saving system, which allows maintaining the most popular embroidery formats, etc.

Embroidery machines by Happy – the most high-quality machines

Happy equipment performs very high-quality embroidery on the products, thanks to which the finished products look impressive, the embroidery itself is not loose, without embossed loops, the pattern fits tightly on the fabric.

10. EverSewn

Machines from the Eversewn company are designed to inspire the masters of sewing art to embody the most daring ideas. The company produces equipment according to the price category available to everyone. Ideally designed machines of the American brand have many functions, and most importantly, such machines are understandable in use.

Any embroidery technique, no matter whether it is a professional model or a home machine, can certainly replace a manual embroidery of any complexity but its main advantage lies somewhat in the other, namely in the possibility of creating voluminous embroidery of various complexity and plot. Modern embroidery machines amaze with their capabilities.

Of course, such smart and useful units as embroidery machines are somewhat more expensive than standard sewing machines – but in this case, the goal definitely and unconditionally justifies the money spent on the purchase.

Moreover, not only embroidery machines are produced but also sewing-embroidery machines – they combine two important functions and allow you to save a lot.

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