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9 Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines in 2022

Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

Any seamstress knows that you often have to face sewing thick fabrics. Or it happens that the fabric of medium density needs to fold twice to make the right stitch. Not every sewing machine can easily cope with such a task.

If you plan to sew a lot and constantly, you need a sewing machine for leather and heavy fabrics.

More precisely, you will need to buy a sewing machine for all types of fabrics. And you need to choose a model that will be equally good at sewing as thin and dense fabrics.

Below are the best heavy duty sewing machines that will perfectly cope with the tasks.

Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

1. Singer Heavy Duty 4423

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Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, sewing every day or occasionally – it doesn’t matter at all.

Sewing machine Singer Heavy Duty 4423 will suit you in any case. It has wide functionality. There are as many as 30 sewing operations, decorative sewing, and quilting.

It features high speed (from 700 to 820 stitches per minute), quiet running and adjustable. All this makes this sewing machine an excellent option for home sewing.

Sewing machine Singer Heavy Duty 4423 can make stitches up to 5 mm long, which is more than enough for home sewing.

You can adjust the pressure of the foot on the fabric according to its density. The thicker the fabric, the less pressure you need.

With this sewing machine, you can sew up to 6 types of loops. These include complex loops such as the eye loop and the knitwear loop.

If you need a machine not only for sewing and processing of loops but also for quilting, this model is the best choice. Not in vain machines of this company have long been firmly included in the top of sewing machines. These are really functional devices with long service life.

2. Brother ST150HDH

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The Brother ST150HDH Strong and Tough is a sewing machine that can handle sewing both clothes and large items equally well.

There are 30 sewing operations available in total. Including – 2 types of loops, which are extracted in automatic mode.

The computerized machine works at a fairly high speed, up to 750 stitches per minute. And the speed is adjusted smoothly, using the pedal.

So you will control the sewing speed yourself. The stitch length and width of the zigzag can also be infinitely adjusted.

And, in this sewing machine is available to stitch length and width up to 7 mm. This is quite a lot, given the non-professional level of the sewing machine.

All processes here are maximally automated. In this model not only the hinge is extracted, but it also provides an automatic threader. There is also an automatic spooling system and automatic thread tension.

There are also extra conveniences in the machine. For example, the work area lighting, a removable sleeve platform and a storage compartment for accessories.

The assembly is of high quality, without backlashes. In the complete set, you will receive a set of needles and a set of legs. Including a foot for sewing “lightning”.

You also get a spreader, a set of spools and tools (screwdriver and brush for cleaning). Besides, a soft case will protect the machine from dust during storage.

3. Janome HD3000

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Sewing machine Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty, thanks to its price-quality ratio, will be a good choice for seamstresses.

The average number of operations – only 12 – will work out the main lines. Semi-automatic sweeping loops 2 types will help you learn how to make loops in 4 steps.

Slow speed will be optimal to start the sewing path when you still need to keep everything under control.

Sewing speed here is regulated smoothly by pressing the pedal. It allows you to control the process yourself.

The machine is designed to work with thin, medium and dense materials.

For recommendations on the choice of feet, length and width of the stitch see the instructions.

The machine is quite lightweight, so it is convenient to install it on your desktop when needed. At other times it will not take up much space in your closet.

4. Singer Heavy Duty 4411

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Singer Heavy Duty 4411 is a sewing machine of a decent level with a basic set of sewing operations.

It will be more than enough to start in the sewing business. Also, it will be suitable for difficult sewing operations on clothes and other products.

The machine is good and easy to speed up. It supports speeds up to 600 st/min. At the same time, the stitch comes out smooth.

The loop is extinguished in a semi-automatic mode in 4 steps. It is not especially difficult and requires only primary skills.

What is important, it is not so easy to break the machine, even if you do something wrong. This makes this model the best choice for working with complex materials.

This sewing machine controls the length of the stitch, as well as the degree of pressure on the foot. The machine copes well with thin and medium fabrics.

As well as with special needles and dense material. Noise at work is minimal and there are no vibrations at all. The machine is made in a modern design, equipped with a removable platform for processing.

In the complete set, you will get all the necessary feet. As well as a set of needles, tools and a soft case to protect against dust during storage.

5. Brother ST371HD

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The Brother ST371HD Strong and Tough is a classic electric sewing machine.

It works perfectly both in slow mode and at high speeds up to 860 st/min. At the same time, it provides a smooth stitch.

The six-segment fabric conveyor advances the fabric, so the fabric does not wrinkle. There is a thread winder on the body, which carries out the winding.

The machine performs 17 sewing operations. Including semi-automatic winding of loops in 4 stages.

There is a possibility of sewing in both directions. It is possible to change the direction with a special reversal key.

There is also a “free sleeve” function for finishing round products and their parts.

The sewing speed can be adjusted by a pedal, which is pressed gently enough. It is possible to sew with a double-needle with two upper threads. You can tuck in threads of one color or different.

This will come in handy to create a decorative finish. The machine works with both thin and dense materials. As well as with knitwear and other elastic fabrics.

To ensure that the machine always works well and without failures, use the appropriate needles and threads for each type of material. Detailed recommendations on needle and thread selection can be found in the instructions.

6. Brother RST531HD

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The Brother RST531HD Refurbished Strong and Tough is designed for 15 operations. Based on customer feedback, the device copes with all the tasks set up perfectly.

It has a function of semi-automatic loop processing. This sewing machine is equipped with a horizontal shuttle.

The device attracts simple operation and good instructions in a simple language. The body of the product is also equipped with tips for the operation of basic modules.

It provides for the regulation of the lower and upper threads.

All the main lines you can find in the arsenal of this machine. In particular, you can find here:

  • 3 stitches for loop sweeping
  • 6 straight lines, which are performed with different needle positions
  • various stitches needed to process product edges, and to work with elastic materials
  • few lines of decoration

This set allows you to do most of the standard sewing work.

This sewing machine model has a very good illumination of the working area. LED backlighting provides a bright but unobtrusive light. It is usually enough to work in a poorly lit room. And the backlighting is well directed and will not interfere with others.

Also, LED lighting will be a good assistant for people with poor eyesight as an extra light.

7. Singer 7258

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The Singer 7258 is a handy electromechanical sewing machine with 21 tasks to perform. Includes a swinging shuttle and thoughtful details of the body.

There is a storage compartment for accessories. Use the ability to adjust the width and length of the stitch, lighting.

Besides, the body of this model includes a storage compartment for accessories. It has a stylish design and optimal power.

This sewing machine allows you to repair and sew from most current materials. It easily copes with dense fabric.

The types of stitches are selected with a knob that rotates in both directions. It is possible to do the following stitches:

  • Straight stitch with center or extreme left needle position.
  • Zigzag of different configurations. The configuration is determined by the length and width of the stitch.
  • Secret bending for dense woven or elastic materials. It will be useful when cutting both clothes and other textiles such as curtains.
  • Sewing a button.
  • Sewing “lightning” or edge.
  • Sewing a darn (a special foot is required).
  • Two kinds of decorative stitching: a shell and a crescent moon.

It is also possible to perform quilting. He will also need a separate foot. With this sewing machine, you can create a straight stitch for several parts of the product.

 8. Janome HD1000

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The Janome HD1000 is a good solution for intensive use that attracts a rather aesthetic and discreet design.

This sewing machine works on the basis of a rocking shuttle. The developers have invested in their invention 23 operations.

Special attention deserves to work with external and hidden stitches. All the main aspects are thought out in detail. It allows you to work comfortably with almost any material.

Sometimes, especially when sewing large-size things, you may need an extra surface. So that the material does not fall off and hang.

For this purpose, the machine has a special removable table. To install it, you need to connect the tab on the table to the groove on the machine and press it slightly.

To remove the table, you must gently and with a little effort pull it to the side.

Besides, the extra table has a storage compartment for various accessories and trifles. This helps maintain order in the work area.

This sewing machine also has a removable sleeve platform. The sleeve platform makes sewing and finishing round parts much easier. Besides, the Sleeve Platform can be used to apply decorative or functional patches. It also helps with machining small parts.

9. Singer Heavy Duty 4432

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Singer Heavy Duty 4432 is one of the best sewing machines. It provides electromechanical control and has a rotary-horizontal shuttle.

It has 11 functions and a reversing button. A huge advantage of the model is its compatibility with needles of different sizes.

At the same time, the shuttle is made of high-quality plastic. At the same time, the machine is metal.

Suitable for use by both beginners and experienced seamstresses. Another advantage is an autonomous thread puller.

The panel with icons indicating the types of stitches deserves special attention. In total, the machine provides 30 sewing operations. In particular, it is possible to perform such stitches:

  • workers
  • amplified
  • elastic
  • overlock
  • ornamental
  • finishing

There is also the possibility of machining. Festoon satin and stitching are available.

The stitches can be switched with the direct selection button. The schematic images of stitch types are clear and broken down into types. Thus, there will be no problem to choose the right stitch.

If you need a universal sewing machine for home, then this option will work. First, all the settings in it are very simple. Stitch tension is easy to adjust, stitch parameters are also very easy to choose.

Secondly, the included pedal is a convenient size, not bulky and not too small, with a smooth press.

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