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5 Best Hello Kitty Sewing Machines

Best Hello Kitty Sewing Machines

Children, and especially girls from an early age, are interested in everything that Mom does. They like to feel like real mistresses and, if given the opportunity, they do not lose interest in household tasks as they grow up.

Now there are a lot of different game sets on sale that simulate home appliances. Very often girls buy toy sewing machines – they are safe, extremely easy to use, but many of them really sew.

A toy sewing machine that performs the simplest stitches on the fabric, will be useful for small children from 3-4 years. Typically, toys for the youngest completely safe – a needle in them is made of plastic or covered with a protective casing. Many of them are equipped with light effects, sounds that simulate the work of the sewing machine.

Girls over 6-7 years old will no longer be interested in simple models, especially if they have already mastered the initial sewing skills.

For children of this age and teenagers manufacturers of toys (and sometimes real sewing machines) offer more functional and serious models with more options. Some of them are so close to adult sewing machines that it’s better to be close to your child and control the process while sewing.

The girl will be able to sew clothes to her dolls, a teddy bear toy, a cosmetic bag, or other small things. And if a sewing machine has a cool design, it’ll impress any girl even more.

Today we have prepared a rating of the best Hello Kitty Style Sewing Machines that really sew.

Best Hello Kitty Sewing Machines

1. Janome [Hello Kitty] Sewing Machine KT-W

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This cool sewing machine is a great gift for any girl who wants to learn how to sew. The design, as well as the characteristics of Janome [Hello Kitty] KT-W, are great.

The machine is lightweight and compact. It weighs only 6.75 pounds. Great for light work for kids, who may be even under 8 years old. Perfect for urgent and small repairs, and for simple crafts.

Cute pink hearts and bowties will win the heart of a young seamstress. The stitch selection dial shows all possible operations (8 stitches in total). I think this will be enough for the kid. There are 5 straight stitches and 3 zigzags.

Accessories that are included: 2 needles, 1 foot presser, bobbin, needle threader, and the AC adapter.

2. Janome Fuschia Sewing Machine

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This little compact sewing machine looks like a toy at all. In fact, it will be useful for many sewing projects including simple sewing tasks, mending, scrapbooking, and paper crafting.

The New Home Janome Fast Lane Fuchsia sewing machine is suitable for experienced young sewers as well as beginners.

Why do we recommend this model:

  • Offers 10 types of stitches, which is enough for those who learn to sew or use a machine for simple sewing operations.
  • The machine is compact and lightweight, which is good for frequent location changes and transportation.
  • Threading Diagrams & Top Drop-In Bobbin with clear cover makes for easy set-up.
  • Free arm sewing capability.
  • Don’t worry, the machine is safe for young sewers, Finger Guard provides good protection for your child’s fingers.

3. Mighty Mini Portable Sewing Machine

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It’s a great model for little girls. Attractive and elegant appearance, excellent build quality, and that’s not all.

This sewing machine is lightweight and easy to carry. It will be a perfect companion when traveling and will immediately come to help when minor repairs are needed. Also suitable for small sewing projects.

Very convenient choice of power. It can be operated on either AC or DC power. A standard 110-volt power adapter is included, or the machine can be powered anywhere with 4 AA batteries. And its compact size makes it ideal for girls over the age of ten.

Users write in reviews that this model cannot claim to be a serious sewing machine, but it will be a really great solution for teaching girls to sew. Their daughters are happy to sew dresses for their dolls. But since the model is still serious enough, it is better if the children will do it under supervision.

4. Janome Hello Kitty Sewing Machine KT-35

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Janome KT-35 electric sewing machine is ideal for those who are just learning to sew. It’s easy to use and has a cute design.

Any girl would love to sew with this machine. But even adults can use it as an indispensable assistant in clothes repair and simple sewing.

The stitch selection dial shows all possible stitches (8 in total). This is enough for those who learn the basics of sewing. There are 5 straight stitches and 3 zigzags.

Of course, it may not be convenient that all instructions are in Japanese, but an English instruction book can be easily found on the Internet. Or you can rely on the pictures in the manual.

The machine is light and portable. Easily sews several layers of fabric. And the box can be used as a carrying case! There is even a small handle on top.

5. Janome 14412 Pink Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

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Parents write in their reviews that their children like this sewing machine because of its cute design. It’s suitable for children of 8 years +. But it is also nice to work on it for adults doing simple sewing or repairing clothes.

The machine works perfectly and can be compared with professional sewing machines. So you can boldly buy this model for a girl who wants to sew something for her doll or even for herself.

It’s very easy to operate, works even with thick fabrics, and makes beautiful stitches.

Janome 14412 Pink Hello Kitty Sewing Machine:

  • 15 Built-In Stitches
  • Adjusting stitch length and zigzag width with a turn of a dial
  • Free Arm for sewing small spaces like cuffs and sleeves
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Aluminum Interior Frame

When learning to sew, perseverance begins to develop in children, a sense of taste and style appears, attention to all the little things, hard work, the potential fully opens up and new abilities appear.

Parents’ feedback on sewing machines is only positive, as little girls try to imitate adults with great zeal while meeting with praise and approval. And mothers using this technique are much more fun and easier to share their experiences and certain knowledge with their children.

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