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7 Best Mini Sewing Machines

Best Mini Sewing Machines

The first sewing machine was invented in the 18th century by the German inventor. Since then, it has been modified hundreds of times. The variety of choice today is amazing: they differ in dozens of parameters, including dimensions. Mini machines have their fans for a number of reasons. First, let’s figure out which models are included in the list of the 7 best mini sewing machines.

Best Mini Sewing Machines

1. Singer Prelude 8280

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The manufacturer’s name already speaks for itself. The electromechanical machine with swinging shuttle. The design of the case is laconic, it is made of white plastic. There are 7 operations, including hidden and elastic seams. The kit includes removable foot for sewing buttons and sewing zippers. A hard cover is provided for storage.

With this device, you will master the wisdom of tailoring art without self-helpers. The most common type of clothing repair – a hem of pants – can now be done at home with the help of a foot for hem. Installing it on the Singer 8280, you will get a smooth side seam thanks to the guide channel located on the underside of the foot. Store spare bobbins and needles, threads and scissors more conveniently in the accessory compartment of the Singer 8280.

Work with narrow details of clothing will be greatly facilitated by the free sleeve. With a smooth adjustment of the sewing speed, you will be able to adjust the desired parameters of the machine more accurately. When repairing knitwear, switch to elastic seam and get a straight line without stretching and assemblies on the fabric. Also, this device provides the execution of loops in a semi-automatic mode.

A simple and very reliable electromechanical sewing machine Singer 8280 will be an excellent assistant in performing basic sewing operations. The model is characterized by its small size and good ergonomics.

Technical specifications of SINGER 8280

  • Work with fabrics – can handle light, medium and heavy fabrics, including cotton fabric, leather, suede, as well as curtains and upholstery.
  • Semi-automatic looping for 4 steps without turning the fabric.
  • Max. stitch width: 5 mm.
  • Max. stitch length: 4 mm.
  • Smooth adjustment of stitch length and zigzag width.
  • Adjusting the presser foot pressure.
  • Adjusting the tension of the upper thread.
  • 6-segment fabric conveyor belt.
  • Hitchhiking when winding a thread on a bobbin.
  • Thread cutter on the machine body.
  • Removable arm platform.
  • Illumination of the working area.
  • Sewing reverse button for stitching the stitch.
  • The sewing speed is controlled by the foot pedal.
  • 7 sewing operations.
  • Semi-automatic execution of a straight underwear loop.
  • Horizontal coil location.
  • Quick and easy changing of the presser foot.
  • Metal frame.
  • Storage compartment for accessories.
  • The high rise of the foot for sewing thick fabrics.

2. Janome Sew Mini

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The Janome Sew Mini sewing machine is for those who are just starting their sewing. A minimal set of operations and opportunities at a very democratic price.

The sewing machine is a miniature and functional replacement for a classic machine. With relatively small dimensions and really low weight, the device copes with almost the same list of functions as a full-fledged sewing-embroidery unit. Perhaps, it will seem to someone that 3 lines (zigzag, straight line, and zigzag triple) are too little for home sewing but for people who are not burdened with everyday work at the machine, this is quite enough.

Ask yourself – what do you do most often – stitching and joining fabrics, or complex patterns and openwork embroidery? If you chose the first option, then the Janome model is made for people like you.

The loops are formed in manual mode, with the loops being sufficiently smooth and beautiful. Threading can be done in automatic mode. Adjustment of sewing speed is carried out smoothly enough, without failures and transitions.

The reverse button allows you to save the time spent on sewing fabrics. The shuttle is of the swinging type.

3. Michley LSS-202

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Michley LSS-202 model is a compact sewing machine, which is useful in everyday life for many reasons. This easy-to-use device is an excellent alternative to large sewing machines, difficult to transport and occupying a lot of space in the house.

With the help of the mini-machine Michley LSS-202, you quickly will fit all kinds of clothes, bed linen, tablecloths, sew quilts and rugs, kitchen potholders and napkins, and also be able to create all kinds of souvenirs made of fabric, children’s toys, etc. Michley LSS-202 works both from the mains due to the supplied adapter, and from the batteries.

In order to facilitate the sewing process, you can apply a foot pedal to continue sewing, with the help of the pedal the sewing process moves much faster, due to the fact that the hands are free.

Also in this model of sewing machine, there are two-speed modes, that is, for beginners you can use the first speed, and after you can get to the second speed more easily.

The Michley LSS-202 sewing machine when working with fabric produces simultaneously a double thread, which allows you to securely and tightly sew the necessary thing. When sewing, the stitch of the thread goes uniform and without loops.

4. Medelon Mini Sewing Machine

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Once acquiring a miniature household device – you will provide your family with a compact find for many years. Medelon mini sewing machine can easily be awarded the title of “road sewing machine” because thanks to the dimensional data, it will allow you to take it with you on business and personal trips, it will easily find its place in the women’s bag. But the even greater advantage is that in a domestic accessory, there is a great opportunity to work from batteries if you are in a situation where there are no outlets or lights!

You will easily understand its simple functionality and be able to quickly and efficiently change the thing you need. For ease of use, the Medelon machine is equipped with a foot pedal, and its compact dimensions will always keep it at hand. The working mechanism, made of a durable alloy, will ensure a long and trouble-free operation of the sewing machine, and the ability to work autonomously, from the batteries, will make it even more practical and convenient to use.

It is also possible to sew with a double seam and there is a highlight of the working area.

5. Costway Sewing Machine

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The Costway sewing machine will be fallen in love with both a beginner tailor and a professional seamstress for its demanded functional and uninterrupted work. This assistant will allow you to repair the torn clothes, trim the length of the trousers, slightly shorten the skirt and embody all your wildest fantasies in exclusive things sewn with your own hands. The model has a white hull color for sewing machines, its design is complemented by soft pink inserts. The device relates to an electromechanical type.

The Costway design provides a horizontal shuttle. It is possible to adjust the stitch width with a maximum value of 4 mm. Sewing with a double needle is useful when processing the edge of clothing, which is especially important when pants are padded.

In total, the user’s choice provides 12 types of sewing operations and looping in a semi-automatic mode. Adjusting the sewing speed is carried out in a stepwise method. For convenient storage of small sewing accessories, there is a special compartment.

6. Janome Fastlane Fuschia

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For simple sewing operations at home, use a Janome Fastlane Fushia sewing machine. It is a compact electromechanical type device capable of performing up to 10 sewing operations. The user can make overlock, secret or elastic stitches, sew in several directions. The maximum stitch width is 5 mm.

For comfortable processing of sleeves, there is an arm platform. The device isn’t only comfortable to use but also safe because it is equipped with a protective frame from finger penetration under the needle. The backlight of the working area in Janome Fastlane Fuschia will allow performing the most complex “jewelry” operations with high accuracy.

The case has a convenient reverse stitch button. A compact, functional model is suitable for beginners and for those who have already tried their hand at sewing art.

7. Janome Merlot Sew Mini

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The sewing machine of Janome Merlot Sew Mini model has the optimal set of options that will please any lover of sewing. The possibility of performing 12 sewing operations makes this model very versatile and functional, which undoubtedly expands the range of its application.

Several types of stitches, including such as hidden and elastic, as well as a smooth adjustment of sewing speed and a reverse stitch, optimize the operation of the machine with different types of materials and for various sewing operations, from patterning to lining.

The option of semi-automatic looping facilitates the process of sewing buttons to the product. Intuitive control and tuning of the machine makes working with it as productive, high-quality and fast as for a professional seamstress, and just for a lover of making garments.

Why do we need a mini sewing machine?

  1. Urgent repairs of clothes that don’t require special qualification: lining trousers and skirts, patching and other operations.
  2. Interior design: sewing curtains and buttons, creating decorative pillows and soft toys.
  3. Mini sewing machine, of course, doesn’t have such a set of functions, as standard full-size but very worthy of coping with the tasks.
  4. A great option for teenage creativity. She will help the young fashion designer to comprehend the basics of sewing skill, without requiring an impressive cost to buy a big car.

Advantages of a mini sewing machine

Efficiency in use: doesn’t require long tuning and preparation. Small space is enough to store the machine. The cost is much lower than the usual large-sized machines.

Aspects of the right choice

To find a suitable machine, first, it is necessary to determine what needs it is required. If the list of operations is limited simply by filing clothes, the simplest model will do. For more experienced seamstresses – machines with an increased set of functions and additional removable feet that will allow them to be used will be useful. Pay attention to the material from which the body and internal parts are made. To facilitate mini machines, plastic elements of the mechanism are often used. It is preferable that they are metal, which will extend their service life.

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