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Best Sewing Machine Brands (Top 10)

Best Sewing Machine Brands

A good sewing machine should be in every family. After all, periodically there is a need to repair clothes and interior textiles, and it is uncomfortable and rather expensive to go to the studio every time. In addition, this is a great way to realize creativity. Modeling and sewing exclusive models of dresses, curtains, bedspreads and other items can eventually become not a simple hobby but a lucrative business.

Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of household sewing machines with different functions. Depending on the requirements and professional skills of the craftswoman, you can choose the best option.

The best brands of sewing machines

We compiled a list of the best brands of sewing machines, based on expert assessments of specialists and reviews of real buyers. Our recommendations will help you make a choice according to your requirements and desires. There are many competitors in the world market, but we selected the best manufacturers and we recommend paying special attention to them. In fact, only popular brands guarantee a high level of quality, as well as a minimal risk of defects and, consequently, a long operating period.

1. Janome


The Japanese company Janome was founded in 1921. Janome plants have incorporated the best scientific research in the sewing machine industry, so Janome products are both high quality and easy to use. The products comply with the recognized ISO 9014 quality standard. About 280 models from mini sewing machines to industrial ones are produced. Annually Janome produces over 1,600,000 household sewing machines. Janome sewing machines combine amazing quality, a variety of models and an affordable price.

Janome sewing machines are intuitive in operation and reliably perform numerous operations. Any models of sewing machines Janome will work reliably for many years if you follow all the recommendations written in the instructions of the sewing machine manufacturer.

Beginner and professional will be satisfied with the brand Janome. Since its foundation, the company has been distinguished by advanced and innovative developments. Janome was the first in the world to produce a computer-made household sewing machine in 1979 (Memory 7), and in 1990 – a household computer embroidery machine (Memory Craft 8000). Currently, JANOME produces the largest, in comparison with other brands, number of computer sewing machines.

Many world-famous firms produce sewing machines under their own brand in Janome plants. Janome exports its products to more than 100 countries and is proud to be the world’s No. 1 sales company.

2. Bernina


The company Bernina dates back to the 1890s. The founder was Karl Friedrich Gegauf who founded an embroidery workshop and mechanical workshops in Steckborn, Switzerland. Three years later, Gegauf invented and manufactured the world’s first sewing machine for lace stitching. At the same time, it was possible to sew with a significant speed for that time – 100 stitches per minute. As a result, the very first sewing machines Bernina appeared.

Note that they were not called that way yet. Brand Bernina received this name and began to gradually gain popularity among fans and professionals later. This happened at the time when the children of Friedrich Gegauf founded a factory in Steckborn and seriously took up the manufacture of sewing machines. So, electronic machines were developed, which had a lot of operations. Technical indicators were constantly improving. In the machines, there are such new functions that Friedrich Gegauf never dreamed of.

At present, the company has a leading position in the market of household sewing machines. The range of machines Bernina has not only electromechanical machines, but also electronic, computerized, sewing-embroidery and embroidery machines. If you take the latest models, then they are inherently nothing more than sewing computers. And that’s it. Fantasizers can afford the idea that soon Bernina specialists will develop the first sewing artificial intelligence.

At present, the Bernina range is a huge selection of sewing machines for both professionals and amateurs. There are simple models. There are elite. They can perform thousands of sewing operations.

3. Brother


The Brother Group, headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, is a multinational corporation with sales offices around the world and manufacturing in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, America, Malaysia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. “To be on the client’s side” is the fundamental principle on which the corporate strategy of Brother is based. In Europe and America, the office equipment Brother is well known and managed to win many awards. The sewing and embroidery machines Brother are widely popular among individual and corporate consumers around the world.

Factories producing equipment of this brand are located in the largest countries of Europe and Asia. Machines undergo strict quality control, what reduces the possibility of defective machines in the batch to a large extent. Most of the owners of sewing machines Brother notes that they are more suitable for commercial use than for the house.

Brother’s knitting and sewing machines are not only reliable and durable, but also surprisingly easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free. A wide range of models in conjunction with affordable prices make Brother’s sewing machines one of the most popular and purchased.

The brand Brother takes leading position in the market of sewing and embroidery machines,  due to the active introduction of technological innovations, computerization, up-to-date software updates, quick response to the request of its users, attention to quality, a reliability of its products, availability of certified details on the market. An attractive price with reliable quality makes the choice of the consumer in favor of the Brother manufacturer simple and pragmatic.

4. Singer


Of course, there is no person who is familiar with sewing business, and who is unaware of Singer’s sewing machine. The name of the company that actually gave rise to the wide distribution of sewing machines became a household name and is associated with quality and legendary reliability. And the very history of the company is of great interest.

More than 150 years of Singer’s manufacturing activities have positively impacted on the high quality and reliable operation of sewing equipment. Continuous modernization of production technologies, as well as the optimization of sewing machines, led to the fact that Singer equipment is the choice of many, as it was more than a century ago. But, it is worth noting that contrary to popular belief about unsurpassed German quality, the company has American roots. Along with the name, which inspires confidence, the Singer range has quite an adequate price.

At the moment, the company is owned by several shareholders, and the factories where machines are manufactured under the legendary Singer brand are in Vietnam and China. The quality of the machines differs from model to model, maintainability and service support – the same way. There are both quite reliable machines, and fragile. Therefore, when choosing a sewing machine Singer, contact the store, which you trust and listen to the opinion of the seller. Often, this will help you avoid a lot of problems.

5. Pfaff


The founder of the company Pfaff is George Michael Pfaff, who in 1862 produced his first sewing machine. To date, Pfaff is an enterprise with more than 40 subsidiaries. The perfect sewing machines are made only in Germany at a factory in the city of Karlsruhe-Durlach. Deep traditions combined with the latest technologies allow Pfaff to take into account the needs of all groups of sewing machine users – from beginners to professionals. High quality, durability, and ease of use make Pfaff products very attractive for consumers.

Due to the fact that Pfaff sewing machines are equipped with the most diverse functions, they are also suitable for embroidery. These machines are a little expensive but still worth the money. Sewing machines Pfaff are actively used for sewing various kinds of products: clothes, towels, kerchiefs, etc. In addition, don’t take up much space, which, you must agree, is important. Work on this machine will bring great pleasure to both a beginner and an experienced professional. It is usually accompanied by a manual that will familiarize you with the device and the operation of the machine.

Despite the fact that the company Pfaff doesn’t exist as an independent enterprise, and its products are produced at Janome plants and in China, the Pfaff brand continues to please sewers of unchanging quality. Products manufactured in factories in Asia undergo a thorough quality control. Due to the fact that the company changed the owner, a merger of the experience of people working in several companies occurred. Pfaff products have become even better thanks to the use of developments created by engineers from other companies.

6. Husqvarna


Sewing machines and overlockers Husqvarna have earned an impeccable reputation throughout the world. Each sewing machine and overlock Husqvarna is primarily exceptional reliability! It sounds incredible, but the world-famous manufacturer of sewing machines Husqvarna began its own history as a weapons company when in 1689 the Swedish King Charles XI allowed his subject Kount Eric Dahlberg to start making muskets.

Today Husqvarna Viking is widely known in the world as a Swedish manufacturer of not only high-quality sewing machines but household machines and accessories all over the world. It was founded as a royal factory in 1689. The production of sewing machines was established in 1872. In 1980, Husqvarna taught the sewing machine to sew in letters.

In the 30s, Husqvarna became a recognized “fashion trendsetter” in the sewing machine world. For example, for the first time, it used a system with a central bobbin in the professional sewing equipment that dramatically improved the quality of work. In 1934, sewing machines Husqvarna for the first time become electric, and since 1947 Husqvarna has started the production of household sewing machines with the “zigzag” function.

Husqvarna for the first time used a microchip, which allowed to produce electronic and computerized sewing machines at a price affordable for sewing lovers on the whole planet. Years of experience, combined with an innovative approach, always put Husqvarna in the first row, regardless of whether it produced weapons or sewing machines. Currently, the company has about 18,000 dealers in more than one hundred countries in the world.

7. Elna


The equipment of this brand is characterized by elegant design, unchanged quality and excellent functional characteristics, which make it possible to use sewing machines and overlocks everywhere – in factories and for personal purposes.

The Elna brand has always symbolized quality, innovation, and service. Elna is a growing company that presents excellent quality to its customers in more than 50 countries on 6 continents. Elna was the first to develop such functions as automatic needle threader, family stitch (stitch with the effect of antique lace), the invention of replaceable copiers, cartridges, the creation of cards with additional stitches.

Elna has always been known for the excellent quality of the lines and the magnificent design of the machines. Elna products include sewing machines, overlocks, presses, irons with a steam generator. The range of sewing machines Elna includes a variety of various modifications of these devices – there are both electromechanical models and high-tech computer, allowing you to perform embroidery of any complexity. All equipment provides an excellent line, is able to work with various materials and successfully copes even with significant loads.

The brand ELNA is a symbol of quality, innovation and excellent service. ELNA Design Bureau is located in Switzerland. The machines are manufactured at JANOME plants in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan. Elna is a well-known European brand, recognized by experts in the garment industry, thanks to the excellent design and quality of its products. The company Elna regularly studies the opinion of consumers and always respects their interests.

8. Juki


Sewing machines and overlocks Juki successfully compete with many of the world’s leading brands. Many clothing designers prefer to use the machine and overlock Juki to create complex drawings on clothes, processing the edges of products from delicate fabrics.

Juki Corporation starts its history as a manufacturer of household sewing machines since 1947. However, production was established only for the domestic market of Japan. The corporation entered the world market only in 2000. In recent years, the range of household sewing machines Juki has been enriched with a whole range of modern electronic machines and overlocks popular in many countries of the world due to their design, reliability in operation and great technical capabilities. Juki’s slogan is “To create easily and pleasantly.”

The company Juki has a research institute of the garment industry, where highly skilled specialists introduce their own technologies and developments for the manufacture of household sewing machines. In the process of production and operation of Juki sewing machines, they are constantly tested and improved, new modern technologies, electronics, constructive solutions are introduced.

In general, sewing machines and overlocks Juki surpass the majority of firms in the originality of design solutions. This is well known to those who in practice dealt with sewing equipment Juki. Both household and professional sewing machines Juki are able to sew up any materials and work with any thread.

Today, Juki offers all varieties of household electromechanical, electronic and computerized sewing machines, both with a vertical and horizontal positioning of the shuttle.

9. Toyota


Toyota is a famous Japanese brand, better known as the brand of reliable, modern and beautiful cars. But the company does not stop at any one branch, today it is possible to get the most different industrial and household appliances under this name. A distinctive feature of the manufacturer is the attention to detail and the thoroughness of working out all the elements. Sewing machines Toyota – is not an exception.

If you decide to buy equipment of this brand for home use, you will never regret buying. This is really the best option, both for professional seamstresses and for beginner needlewomen. It is able to perform many functions, it is simple in management and durable. Sewing machines Toyota attract needlewomen with different skill levels and needs due to a wide range of models. All products of this group can be divided into two categories: computerized and electromechanical machines.

Many newcomers in the sewing business are afraid to buy models with computer control since they believe that they will not cope with it and will not be able to work on such a device. But the sewing machine Toyota is not the case. Mastering its settings and management will be easy even for inexperienced, novice seamstresses.

Electromechanical sewing machine Toyota is much cheaper. The stitching speed can be adjusted with the foot pedal, all other functions are performed using the regulator on the machine body. In addition, all models have a convenient soft carrying case for storing and transporting the sewing device. Depending on the modification, these machines are suitable for sewing bed linen, curtains, light clothing, jackets, and jeans. Without problems, you can stitch thin chiffon, sliding velvet or dense flax and drape.

One look at the sewing machines of this brand is enough to fall in love with them and want to buy one of the models. Initially, the modern design of devices attracts attention. They are neat, compact, visually attractive, lightweight and will not take up much space on the desktop or in the storage cabinet.

A wonderful range is another advantage to choose and buy a Toyota sewing machine. For those who are just learning to sew and do not want to spend large sums on the purchase of a multifunctional, modern unit, simple and inexpensive electromechanical models are provided. Affordable cost and excellent quality, reliability and durability – that’s what all buyers emphasize.

10. Jaguar


Sewing machines Jaguar – the only sewing machines that are manufactured in Japan. The mechanism of these machines contains all-metal functional elements, which ensures maximum durability of operation. To date, Jaguar sewing machines are characterized as the best among competitors. Jaguar Co., Ltd. headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sewing machines for household use.

In 1949 in Japan, the company Maruzen Mischin Company was founded primarily engaged in the wholesale of sewing machines. But already in 1952, the company manufacturing the sewing machine has been established, which performs both straight and zigzag stitching. After that, the firm Maruzen confidently began to conquer the Japanese sewing machine market. And in a few years, this company has become popular in other countries. In 1978, the Maruzen Mischin Company changed the name to Jaguar Sewing Machines Company. Since its foundation in 1949, Jaguar has taken a favorite position in the markets of Japan and the United States. Currently, more than 20 models of various sewing machines and overlocks are produced under the brand name Jaguar.

Of course, there are other modern manufacturers, but if you believe the statistics, it is the sewing machines of the above brands that can become your reliable and durable helpers both at home and at work.

We recommend to rely on this rating when choosing a sewing machine, and also, be sure to pay attention to such details as:

  • Machine type: electromechanical or computer sewing machine;
  • Fabrics with which the machine can work;
  • Type of shuttle;
  • Stitch length;
  • Processing of loops;
  • Additional features: decorative stitches, presser foot pressure regulator, puncture force regulator, needle stop in the upper position, sewing machine complete set, needle threader.

Modern sewing machines no longer resemble their antiquarian counterparts, either in appearance or in multiple increased functionality.

What brand of sewing machines is better, which firm and where should it be produced?

What brand of sewing machines is better

The question in our time is rhetorical. The production technologies of sewing machines have so stepped forward that it’s hard to say which country is doing better or worse, especially since many brands of well-known manufacturers are produced in branches located in different countries. In addition, the price determines only the technical capabilities of the sewing machine, its characteristics and, on average, it is the same for all firms for one class of sewing machines.

And, nevertheless, when choosing a sewing machine in a store, most buyers pay attention not only to its characteristics but also to the company and the country where it is made. And this is in its own way justified, because some brands, with just their name, cause confidence in the correctness of the choice and guarantee the reliability of such sewing equipment. For example, sewing machines of Swedish firms are generally considered a standard of durability and quality.

Any manufacturer of sewing machines has a wide range of models of machines and not just household but industrial, sometimes overlocks, сovering stitch machines, and embroidering machines. Each firm has models of mechanical, electromechanical, electronic and computerized machines. Which one to buy depends on your capabilities and needs.

If you need to buy a simple and the cheapest sewing machine of economy class, then you can buy a machine of any brand, of any country and it will work reliably and long while observing, of course, the rules of operation. But, if you want to buy a machine, overlock, embroidery or сovering stitch machine with a certain set of requirements and not the cheapest, then, of course, you need to carefully understand the market of sewing household sewing machines of the main manufacturers.

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