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What is The Best Sewing Machine for Beginners? (Top 11)

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

Modern sewing machines have long been unlike their antique counterparts nor appearance, nor at times increased functionality.

The sewing machine is useful at home not only for sewers and professional tailors. It is always convenient to have the opportunity to shorten the skirt, sew the edge of the trousers or even fit the dress to the figure. Maybe did you decide to learn how to sew and master a variety of interesting patterns? Modern sewing machines — easy to operate, safe and compact-will help to cope with all this.

The best popular sewing machines for beginners will be discussed in our rating.

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

1. Brother CS6000i

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Brother machines allow you to raise your sewing skills to a new level. The convenience of working on the machine provides a liquid crystal display, displaying all the information needed for sewing. A wide range of sewing operations, as well as adjustments for fabrics of different thicknesses, make it possible not only to sew clothes but also to make home interior items – decorative pillows, blankets, etc.

Many of this sewing machine is also chosen because of the quality needle. Due to it, it is a pleasure to work on the edges of fabrics.

The sewing machine Brother CS6000i differs convenient control due to the lever of the reverse. You can change the stitch speed. The foot for making a straight loop is available. The model has a removable sleeve platform. The illumination of the workplace is quite bright. The sewing speed can be adjusted smoothly. A separate regulator is installed for stitching a secret snake. For sewing appliqués, Brother CS6000i fits well.

Technical specifications of a Brother computer sewing machine:

  • 60 kinds of lines;
  • kinds of automatic loops;
  • LCD display;
  • horizontal shuttle;
  • the “Start / Stop” button allows you to sew without the pedal;
  • continuous sewing speed control;
  • automatic Needle Threader;
  • band winding the bobbin;
  • removable sleeve platform;
  • soft cover.

2. SINGER Stylist 7258

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Singer Stylist 7258 – the best electromechanical machine on the ratio of price/quality. This productive sewing machine is suitable both for beginners to replenish the experience in the sewing business and for experienced seamstresses.

The model provides the necessary functions for sewing clothes, embroidering, creating quilted products and home decor items.

Singer Stylist 7258 offers 100 stitch options for all types of sewing, including sewing, bedding, stitching, crafts, decorative and home sewing. Such diversity will allow showing creative abilities and will satisfy the most demanding seamstresses. The quiet, light, small, but sturdy machine, the stable operation of which allows you not to worry about adjusting the thread tension control.

Singer Stylist 7258 is famous for its thoughtful functional interface and overall sewing quality. The machine automatically raises the needle when you lift your foot off the pedal, so as not to break the needle, if you forgot to raise it before removing the tissue. The model is equipped with a backlit LCD screen that shows the width and length of the stitch before sewing.

The automatic threading device is easy to use, takes a little time, there is a built-in threader. The bobbin is easily loaded into the shuttle, the transparent cover allows you to monitor the winding level of the thread in the bobbin. There are buttons for automatic stitching, reverse stitch. The electronic autopilot function helps the user to sew without using the pedal while adjusting the sewing speed.

The presser foot is fixed at two heights. For such a variety of functions, the machine is quite inexpensive for the price.

The body of the machine provides a place for storing accessories to keep the necessary items at hand. When the stitch is selected, the machine beeps, confirming that the selected options have become effective. The automatic stitch selection panel allows you to easily switch between decorative stitches. A DVD with a training manual is supplied with the machine.

Functional features of the model:

  • 100 built-in types of stitches;
  • 10 paws for different purposes: standard foot, zipper foot, for concealed seam, for looping, for embroidery, for darning and embroidering, for stitching, assembling;
  • accessories – a set of machine needles, 3 bobbins, ripper, cleaning brush, screwdriver, hole piercer, additional
    rod for the coil;
  • the automatic winding of the coil – the coil stops rotating when it is full.
  • program control of raising and lowering the needle;
  • 7 kinds of automatic one-step execution of loops;
  • speed control;
  • automatic needle threader;
  • automatic presser foot pressure;
  • 6-level feed mechanism with a lever;
  • LCD backlit displays error codes when problems occur;
  • automatic thread tension;
  • sewing with a double needle;
  • expanding table for large projects;
  • integrated handle for carrying;
  • DVD with user manual;
  • durable metal case.

3. Janome 2212

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Janome 2212 – the best electromechanical machine for beginners. A reliable, durable, low-key model with basic functions.

This model is suitable for beginners when working with simple sewing projects, such as clothes, bedding, accessories, crafts and those who are afraid to get confused in the advanced capabilities of modern digital machines.

The machine is popular because of its durability and efficiency. Despite the basic functions available, Janome 2212 helps to create professional products. A long-lasting machine is able to work without problems with minimal maintenance and regular cleaning of the shuttle from dust.

Janome 2212 can perform 12 kinds of stitches and four-step buttonholes. The function selector with stitch width adjustment is easy to rotate to the desired position. With the gear feed of the machine, the machine is universal for most types of fabrics.

This model guarantees quality sewing, which is rarely found among mechanical sewing machines. All functions and basic options are easy to use and allow you to operate the machine effortlessly.

In its class, this model is optimal in price in combination with quality. Ideal for home use, for beginners in sewing but also useful for experienced seamstresses who prefer the ease of management with a basic set of functions.

Functional features of the model:

  • front-loading of the shuttle;
  • 12 kinds of lines;
  • foldable carrying handle;
  • manual control of the tension of the fabric;
  • built-in yarn breaker;
  • stitch length adjustable up to 4 mm;
  • zigzag width adjustable up to 5 mm;
  • vertical and retractable coil holders;
  • bobbin winding device;
  • the length of the reverse stitch is adjustable from 0 to 2.5 mm;
  • incandescent lamp to illuminate the working area;
  • 9 presser feet;
  • accessories – a set of needles, a small screwdriver, a shuttle coil, a zipper foot, a control pedal, a blind flap foot, a buttonhole foot, a seam ripper, a soft protective cover;

4. SINGER Heavy Duty 4423

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Electromechanical sewing machine Singer Heavy Duty 4423 is designed for home use. Perfect for beginners. Thanks to the built-in pressure regulator of the presser foot on the fabric, it makes it possible to work with both thin and dense materials. The model features a high functionality of the machine: it performs 23 sewing operations, including a loop-machine. The versatility of the machine will make it possible to use it not only for normal clothing repairs but also for sewing complex products from various materials.

Characteristic and features:

  • 23 types of sewing operations: working lines, decorative stitches, overlay stitches, blind lines;
  • semi-automatic loop;
  • vertical shuttle;
  • maximum stitch length 4 mm;
  • max. zigzag width 5 mm;
  • adjusting the presser foot pressure on the fabric;
  • built-in thread cutter;
  • reverse lever;
  • free sleeve.

5. Brother LS2125

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Brother LS-2125 is the model for home use, knowingly it is the most popular not only in the lineup of its manufacturer but also among all inexpensive electromechanical sewing machines. It has won love by being easy to manage and has all the necessary functions to perform standard works with the cloth. Of course, it will seem simple for pro – master but professional machines are quite different money. And here you get everything you need for a democratic price.

Hinges on the machine are performed in semi-automatic mode, which means that the user must switch the necessary operations himself but the fabric does not need to be moved. The advantage of the model is the ability to remove part of the working surface for working with narrow elements of the product.

Brother LS-2125 is equipped with:

  • 14 sewing operations;
  • elastic, hidden, elastic secret stitching;
  • reverse button – the ability to make a stitch in the opposite direction;
  • foot for sewing zippers.

The frame of the machine is made of cast plastic, the strength of which can be judged by positive feedback.

The sewing machine Brother LS-2125 will be an excellent choice for those who need the practicality of use. By the way of practicality: the machine even provides illumination of the working “platform” with a small light bulb, which will make life much easier for the user.

It is also worth noting the high performance of the relatively low price of the Brother LS-2125 because it is really impressive. 14 different operations, which are in the arsenal of this machine, will help you when working with almost any kind of fabric.

6. Janome Jem

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This model could take the first place in the ranking of inexpensive models of electromechanical sewing machines for beginners. The company Janome has almost a century of history and has proved itself well with many needlewomen.

This model is compact (weighs only 5 kg), easy to operate and great for working at home. At the same time, it will perfectly suit not only beginners but also experienced masters. Janome Jem can perform 8 types of lines, i.e. sewing operations. Also, it is equipped with those functions that are necessary for a professional tailor. This is an elastic stitch (it is used when working with knitted fabrics), the foot for the bridle, the foot for sewing zippers, the quilting foot, the disconnection of the tissue feeder. Thanks to its price and a wide range of operations and complete sets, Janome Jem sewing machine has gained great popularity and high demand.

Smooth speed control with a foot pedal will allow you to perform sewing operations accurately. This model, thanks to the presence of a tubular platform, can handle even very small items: clothes for children, dolls or pets.

The simplicity of management and maintenance make it an ideal helper for beginners. The machine is almost noiseless, so others will not complain about discomfort, and young moms can sew at a time when their baby is sleeping.

The machine performs 8 operations, among which:

  • zigzag, which allows you to treat the bottom of products from thin fabrics with a “pique” line, apply appliqués, sharpen elastic bands and many others;
  • a secret stitch that allows you to quickly sew the bottom of the product so that the outside cannot see the thread;
  • knitting stitch. It allows you to sew products from elastic fabrics. Such a seam easily stretches and does not break during socks.
  • a line that simulates the edge of the edge overlock. This line allows you to beautifully process the inner sections of the product.
  • a stitch that allows you to perform a scalloped overhanging seam. Such a line will help decorate knitted children’s things or beautifully process the edges of a silk scarf.
  • decorative stitches. They allow making the product fashionable and original.

7. Janome DC4030P

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It is an electronic machine with a rotary horizontal shuttle. The advantages of this shuttle before swaying vertical are that it works smoothly and noiselessly, without missing lines and without vibration.

The sewing machine Janome DC 4030P has all the basic sewing operations necessary for work and creativity. This model belongs to the class of inexpensive computer machines intended for home use. Janome 4030P is considered to be one of the most popular and discussed models with good reviews.

Janome DC 4030P has been designed for both delicate decorative work and heavy sewing. In its arsenal, there are workers, overlocking, secret stitches, as many as 6 kinds of loops, performed in automatic mode.

Even the beginner will cope with Janome DC 4030P: the sewing machine is equipped with convenient keys for selecting stitches, a backlit LCD display and a built-in needle threader that will help to thread the needle in the eye. Using the speed controller, you can set a comfortable sewing speed, up to a step-by-step.

Janome DC 4030P is easy to use, it is perfect for sewing enthusiasts who are fond of needlework. It is convenient to store, thanks to the hardcover that comes as standard.

In addition to a large number of different needles and paws, the package includes a hard case that allows you to conveniently store the machine.

8. VELMAZ Mini Sewing Machine

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Compact mini sewing machine – this is exactly lying down double lines – for small repairs of clothes and high-grade sewing!

The mini sewing machine will turn for you into a small home assistant, helping out in different everyday situations.
Reviews with a positive evaluation this device gets quite often, a huge number of women thanks to such an assistant have the opportunity to save their time and family budget, without spending on the services of a sewing workshop.
So, it can easily adjust the curtains to the size, sew up the trousers, stitch the ripped seam around the dress, make a pillowcase for the sofa cushion.

Speaking about the functionality and capabilities, it is worth noting that the Velmaz mini sewing machine is quite capable of coping with both fine knitwear, silk and cotton, and with more dense fabrics.
The compactness of this device attracts a huge number of craftsmen, because not always, especially in a small apartment, there is a place for storing larger equipment. Especially if the machine is used only for sewing simple products, small repairs and simple decoration of accessories and clothes.

With all the positive qualities, this mini-unit is not suitable for professional sewing.

  1. The machine works from a connection to the network or batteries.
  2. This alternative gives you the opportunity to use it in any conditions.
  3. Plus the presence of a pedal in the kit of this model will save your time and energy.
  4. Due to the compact dimensions, this sewing mini-machine can easily and quickly be hidden in a cabinet or bedside table.
  5. If you are just starting to master the sewing business, the instructions for use and the set of bobbins are specially included for you.
  6. Thus, you can fully realize your creative, design ideas in life.
  7. Moreover, the sewing mini machine is very simple in device and operation, unlike its large, complex predecessors.
  8. It is maximally automated to facilitate your work and provides sewing in different directions.
  9. All that is required from you is to sit down and make a gift for yourself or your dear people with your own hands even if you are a beginner.

9. Singer Simple 3223G

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Electromechanical machines of the Simple series are perfect for home sewing and clothing repair and will provide a smooth and beautiful stitch on a wide variety of fabric types. The machines of the Simple series will cope with even the densest materials thanks to a full metal frame, a high leg lift, and a powerful motor. In the arsenal of machines, there are basic, decorative, secret, and elastic stitches. Also with the help of the Singer Simple sewing machine, it is possible to make a beautiful underwear loop and sew a button.

SINGER Simple 3223G is a universal sewing machine with a large number of sewing operations (23). Convenient control of the stitch parameters and a large selection of stitches provide additional convenience in working with the sewing machine.

Management is so simple that even a beginner can cope with it.

Characteristics of SINGER Simple 3223G:

  • Performs 23 operations: workers, finishing, knitted.
  • The loop is swept in a semi-automatic mode without turning the fabric.
  • Vertical shuttle.
  • Automatic thread filling.
  • The two-level rise of the foot.
  • Convenient knob selector.
  • Stitch length adjustable smoothly.
  • Zigzag width is adjustable smoothly.
  • Max. zigzag width – 5 mm.
  • Maximum stitch length – 4 mm.
  • Sewing reverse button.
  • Thread cutter on the machine body.
  • Built-in bobbin winder system.
  • Detachable pencil case with accessories.
  • Free sleeve for processing of narrow and circular products.
  • The sewing speed is controlled by the pedal.

10. SINGER Fashion Mate 3333

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The sewing machine with the optimal number of sewing programs is able to work with all kinds of fabrics, due to being equipped with a modern horizontal shuttle, multi-segment material advance rail, and a powerful engine. Despite the fact that the Singer Fashion Mate 3333 is intended for use in everyday life, it has a rich functionality that will allow you to work not only with thin but also coarse, dense fabrics.

The sewing machine Singer Fashion Mate 3333 is equipped with a horizontal hook, has a needle threader, has a large set of stitches, including decorative ones, perfect for training sewing, sewing and repairing clothes, and for other similar works. Elegant smooth lines of the case are a distinctive feature of the sewing machines of the Fashion Mate series. It will become an excellent gift for those who are interested not only in sewing quality but also in fashionable design.

Characteristics of Singer Fashion Mate 3333:

  • 23 sewing programs.
  • Loop in the semi-automatic mode.
  • Horizontal shuttle.
  • Stepless adjustment of stitch parameters
  • Maximum stitch length – 4 mm.
  • Maximum stitch width – 5 mm.
  • Multi-segment fabric advancement strip.
  • Automatic thread filling.
  • Double presser foot lift up to 15 mm.
  • Stitch Selection Knob.
  • Internal metal frame.
  • Adjusting the balance of the loop.
  • Thread Cutter.
  • LED illumination of the sewing area.
  • Detachable pencil case with accessories.
  • Free sleeve for processing of narrow and circular products.
  • The sewing speed is controlled by the pedal.

11. TOYOTA Super Jeans J34

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This model is used by both professionals and beginners in the field of sewing. This easy-to-operate and quite practical machine with wide functionality perfectly copes with various fabrics: from silk to denim. To ensure a high-quality sewing, there are 15 stitches, including looping, and the possibility of raising the foot up to 8 mm and controlling the puncture force of the needle ensures work with the thickest fabrics. A horizontally placed shuttle facilitates easy travel and convenient threading in the needle. There is also a reinforced straight stitch for forming a very strong seam.

Functionality and features:

  • Automatic needle threader.
  • Sewing zippers.
  • Reverse.
  • Removable sleeve for processing small radii. Sewing with a double needle.
  • Adjusting the balance of the loop.
  • Sewing tooltip.
  • Adjusting the tension of the upper thread.
  • Adjust the tension of the lower thread.
  • Winding the bobbin from the main shaft.
  • Sliding foot for thick seams (up to 12 layers of jeans).

How to select the sewing machine for the beginners right: the basic criteria

Before you buy an assistant for clothing, you need to determine the following criteria:

  1. The material of which parts and body are made. In inexpensive models, plastic is often used, which becomes unusable when used frequently. Therefore, the best option would be to purchase a device with metal parts.
  2. Power. This indicator is very important because it determines the strength of the puncture. Most economy-class models are designed for sewing products from lightweight fabrics, denser materials, such as jeans, they cannot afford. Therefore, before buying, specify such a nuance from the seller.
  3. Sewing speed. In electric sewing units, everything is simple, the more you press on the pedal, the faster sewing takes place. Only for beginners, high speed is not always a plus. Therefore, in the training phase, it’s best to do everything slowly, but neatly, and as soon as experience comes, you can increase the tempo.
  4. Force of pressing the material with the presser foot. In some machines, this function is automatically adjusted, in others, by hand. Therefore, if you plan to sew a thick fabric, then choose a machine whose pedicle rises high.
  5. Type of shuttle. Beginning needlewomen have harmed to hear that the sewing machines can have different shuttles. In fact, shuttles are of two types: vertical (they are equipped with all models of economy class) and horizontal (they are installed on expensive models intended for professional masters). People who have free money and plan to buy an assistant not at once, it is recommended to give preference to the product with a horizontal shuttle.
  6. Types of lines. Most affordable electro-mechanical devices allow you to work with a large list of different seams. But as practice shows, not all lines are used even by professional masters. Therefore, a sewing machine for beginners should be with an overlock, have a zigzag stitch and be able to sweep the hinges. This will be quite enough.
  7. Equipment. Before you run to pay for a new purchase, look in the box and see what goes in the kit. At least there should be a cord, replaceable paws and needles.

Please note the manufacturers of sewing machines for beginners described above. They are acceptable in price and quality and allow you to try your hand at the craftsmanship, so going to the store, first of all, pay attention to these brands. Good luck with your choice!

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