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11 Best Sewing Machine for Leather

Best Sewing Machine for Leather

Things made of genuine leather are always in fashion, and this is due to the unique qualities of this natural material. Thanks to them, clothing, leather accessories always look elegant and stylish, they are practical and durable. But not many people know that to sew natural, especially thick leather, you need a special sewing machine for the leather.

Working with the leather is, after all, a special kind of sewing and needlework, which requires not only a machine for the leather but also various special tools, fixtures, and legs. To work with the leather you need to know the technology of tailoring this material. For a qualitative line on the skin, which can only be performed once, special threads and needles are needed.

In this article, we will consider the best sewing machines for leather.

Best Sewing Machine for Leather

1. Janome HD3000

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The sewing machine JANOME HeavyDuty 3000 is a multifunctional model for the home use, equipped with 18 sewing operations and is further improved for sewing thick and dense materials, jeans, leather. Despite the fact that the machine has a plastic casing, it can easily cope with tailoring leather and other heavy materials.

A series of JANOME HeavyDuty machines is realized on the basis of the most high-end Janome sewing machine series – MyExcel. A horizontal shuttle will provide high-quality stitching, and a reliable tissue conveyor mechanism will allow working with both thick and thin fabrics. Increased needle puncture force will help when sewing multi-layer thick fabrics and materials.

  1. Works with all fabrics and materials, including multi-layered jeans and leather.
  2. Loop execution – automatic.
  3. Lines: workers, reinforced, overlock, hemming, elastic (knitted), decorative.
  4. Smooth adjustment of all stitch parameters.
  5. Maximum stitch length up to 4 mm.
  6. Maximum stitch width up to 6.5 mm.
  7. Regulator of the balance of decorative stitches and loops.
  8. Adjusting the presser foot pressure on the fabric.
  9. Adjusting the tension of the upper thread.
  10. Increased needle puncture force.
  11. Reversing button – sewing in the opposite direction for the tie.
  12. Illumination of the working area – bright LED natural light.
  13. Built-in needle threader.
  14. Removable arm platform and a compartment for accessories.
  15. Quick-change foot system.
  16. Strong and reliable design with a partially metal housing – provides high reliability and long service life.

2. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

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This model belongs to the computer class, so its capabilities allow storing more than 700 sewing operations in its memory. Among the many workers, overlock, knitted and decorative stitches, there are 12 automatic loops and 5 kinds of the alphabet. A powerful metal frame and a competent design let you use the Singer 9960 for semi-industrial purposes.

The sewing machine is equipped with an innovative double wrapper shuttle, which will ensure a quiet and smooth running, as well as improve the quality of the stitch on any material, especially for dense material such as leather.

A large LCD display will display information about the lines. It has the functions of thread trimming, quick stitch selection, needle positioning, sewing without pedal, reverse and many others. The built-in needle threader will make it easier to thread the thread into the needle. A removable platform is provided for working with narrow parts. The set includes a table for increasing the working area, an upper conveyor, and many other sewing accessories for quilting, patchwork, and professional sewing.

Specifications and description Singer Quantum Stylist 9960:

  • Performs 700 sewing programs.
  • 5 types of the alphabet.
  • 12 kinds of loops machine.
  • Large LCD display.
  • Horizontal shuttle.
  • Electronic control.
  • Digital adjustment of stitch parameters.
  • Maximum stitch length 5 mm.
  • Maximum stitch width 7 mm.
  • Automatic foot pressure adjustment.
  • Automatic thread tension.
  • Automatic trimming and stitching.
  • Double-needle sewing function.
  • Quick selection bar.
  • Reverse button.
  • Needle positioning option.
  • Thread trim option.
  • Strengthened multi-segment teeth of the fabric conveyor.
  • Metal chassis.
  • Detachable pencil case with accessories.
  • Free sleeve for processing of narrow and circular products.
  • Increased work area.
  • Sewing function without pedal Start/Stop.
  • Electronic speed controller for sewing.
  • Quick-change presser system.
  • Bright two-zone illumination of the sewing area.

3. Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1

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If you are in search of a sewing machine for leather, then this model is an ideal choice. Sailrite Heavy Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1 is able to cope with the material folded into 10 layers. Even the thickest leather can be easily stitched. Any of your ideas can easily come true.

However, experienced seamstresses recommend buying a separate needle to this machine. The attached needle is not suitable for the quality seam. The sewing machine Sailrite Heavy Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1 is able to create a variable stitch length up to 6 mm (straight stitches) and up to 5 mm in width zigzag.

Working with the machine is easy because detailed instructions are attached. This model is characterized by the presence of the Posi-pin system, which will provide powerful power from the balance wheel and up to the needle. The machine will allow you to tightly sew materials of any density as it is assembled from the strongest and most reliable parts.

The mechanical extended presser foot guarantees a smooth, sturdy stitch during sewing. It is also possible to raise the foot to a height of up to 3/8 “foot.

4. Tacsew GC6-6

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1-needle universal lockstitch machine with top and bottom material feed to avoid fabric misalignment. This is especially important when working with such a complex material as the leather. The machine is equipped with a large M-style bobbin.

This model offers automatic lubrication. All that is required of you is to monitor the presence of lubricating oil in a special compartment. The stitch length is adjustable up to 8 mm, there is a reverse option. The height of the raising of the foot is 1/2 “.

A truly sturdy machine for working with heavy materials, which will make you feel like a professional when sewing leather.

5. Janome Sewist 500

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The sewing machine Janome Sewist 500 at a very reasonable price has a rich set of stitches and excellent sewing characteristics, allowing it to be used not only for beginners but also for professionals. The machine easily copes with any, even very whimsical material, it takes great thickness. In this case, the ideal stitch quality is always maintained.

In total, 25 operations are built in – stitching, zigzag regular and three-stitch, hidden stitches for hemming in the fabrics of medium and large thickness, knitted, stitching for joining the butt-ends and a semi-automatic loop, etc. Stitch length max. is 4 mm, width – 5 mm.  To obtain quality on thin and knitted fabrics, it is possible to change the presser foot pressure on the conveyor.

In the last, there are 4 mobile racks. The shuttle is horizontal, without a bobbin case. With this combination, skip stitches and slippage on the joints are eliminated. Also, for the convenience of sewing circular sections, a removable working platform is provided. It has a convenient drawer for accessories. The Janome 500 can sew with a double needle and embroidered in a free-running version when the conveyor belt is disconnected. To install the clips there is a reverse lever.


  • Stitch Length Adjustment.
  • Additional presser foot lift.
  • Upper thread tension regulator.
  • Presser foot regulator.
  • Horizontal shuttle.
  • Quick change of foot.
  • Removable arm platform.
  • Working with different types of fabrics.
  • Performs 25 operations, including loop-semiautomatic.
  • Stitch length up to 4mm.
  • Stitch width up to 5 mm.

6. Juki DNU-1541S

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The needle bar stroke is 36mm. The vertical stroke of the transport and presser legs is 6.5 mm. This value remains unchanged when the thickness of the tissue changes. Due Unison material supply, the increased volume of the shuttle and the possibility of installing needle thick, industrial sewing machine JUKI DNU-1541S provides an excellent quality stitching and convenience when sewing heavy materials, and also facilitates the work with folded in several layers of tissue, performing smooth stitches without folds.

This industrial sewing machine is equipped with central lubrication mechanisms. The increased height of the presser foot allows the worker to easily place and remove large-sized workpieces when sewing. Seams and transitions of the thickness of the workpiece don’t affect the quality and length of the stitches. The JUKI DNU-1541S industrial sewing machine is supplied complete with an ergonomic industrial table and a noiseless frictional electric motor.

If the thread is caught in the shuttle, or if there is some other problem during the sewing process, the safety mechanism switches on automatically, protecting the machine from damage.

The stitch length can easily be changed by means of a regulator mounted on the body of the machine. The operational functions of the machine are improved by reviewing the area around the needle, an enlarged flywheel with a diameter of 160 mm and a spool mounted on the front of the machine’s hose.

This industrial sewing equipment has automatic functions: thread trimming, tacking, raising the presser foot, positioning the needle, adjusting the vertical travel of the upper conveyor – and a convenient control panel.

7. Toyota Super Jeans J34

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Toyota Super Jeans 34 will cope with such grandiose projects as the creation of outerwear from felt, leather, jeans, and other dense fabrics. It is possible to sew with double thread. Stitches remain flawless even during the transition from single-layer fabric to multi-layer and back. Processing of dense materials is the main advantage of the model (it is possible to sew more than 10 layers of jeans) but not the only one.

On the front panel, there is a sewing adviser which will tell all the details of tailoring products on this technique. The machine performs 38 sewing operations, including various types of decorative stitching (satin and others). To sweep the hinges, you just need to use a semi-automatic system. For thick fabrics, a separate foot is provided.

Also, this model adequately shows itself in work with delicate and elastic fabrics. You can adjust the length of the stitch, the width of the zigzag and the tension of the upper and lower threads, the degree of which depends on the density and thickness of the matter. The electromechanical machine has a horizontal rotary shuttle, which provides convenient filling of the bobbin and a minimum level of vibration. Comfort in work is enhanced by the centimeter markings on the case and illumination of the working area. Processing of narrow and circular products can be done on a removable platform.

  1. 34 sewing operations;
  2. horizontal shuttle;
  3. semi-automatic loop;
  4. smooth adjustment of the stitch length up to 4 mm;
  5. step-by-step adjustment of the zigzag width up to 5 mm;
  6. automatic threading;
  7. sewing adviser;
  8. bobbin winding;
  9. loop balance adjustment;
  10. presser foot max 9 mm;
  11. adjusting the presser foot pressure on the fabric;
  12. adjustment of the tension of the lower thread;
  13. upper thread tension adjustment;
  14. sliding foot for thick seams (up to 12 layers of jeans);
  15. reverse;
  16. double needle sewing;
  17. removable sleeve.

8. Yamata FY5318

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Yamata 5318 is designed for sewing leather, car covers, furniture fabrics, tents, heavy materials.

This industrial sewing 1-needle YAMATA FY5318 is a shuttle-stitch machine with a flat platform, with upper and lower conveyors and an enlarged shuttle with a horizontal axis.

Double synchronized advancement is performed by the presser foot and the lower transport rail. The walking foot ensures a stable supply of material, ensuring high quality. The machine uses a shuttle device with an increased volume of the spool, which reduces the number of threads refilled in the shuttle. Equipped with a large shuttle. Equipped with a frictional electric drive. Lubrication is automatic.

Industrial sewing machines Yamata FY-5318 have proved themselves at the leading sewing enterprises of the country because they have high reliability, high accuracy, and ease of use.

  1. Max. Sewing speed – 2000 st/min.
  2. Max. stitch length is 8 mm.
  3. Raise the presser foot – 13 mm.

9. Juki DDL-8700

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Single needle lockstitch sewing machine JUKI DDL-8700 is for processing medium-density materials, including tailoring from leather.

The sewing machine Juki DDL-8700 is designed to work with medium materials but, if necessary, it can work with light materials such as silk, chiffon, organza. To do this, the manufacturer recommends that they should be sewn on a tuning kit for fine fabrics.

The optimum balance and high strength of the machine head were achieved by applying the latest 3D-CAD design technology. This significantly reduces vibration and noise, which greatly improves the operating conditions of the operator. In addition, the distance from the machine arm to the needle, in front of the head of the machine, is large enough to allow easy placement of the material when sewing. The straight-through sewing machine Juki DDL-8700 includes the following features: high sewing speed, which reaches 5,500 stitches per high-quality quality stitching, easy handling, high level of reliability and serviceability.

Ease of maintenance is provided by the improved head of the machine, which uses the advance cam to adjust the rack. Also, in the machine there are additional places for installing attachments for the installation of new additional parts in the future. Their high strength provides additional convenience in work, due to the frequent change of devices.

Sewing mechanisms are maximally adapted to various sewing materials. By constant research and modifications of sewing mechanisms to achieve low-tension sewing, the machine can be used on a variety of materials, demonstrating the consistently high quality of the sewing lines.

  1. Low noise and vibration.
  2. The thread take-up, the shuttle, the thread holder, the presser foot and the feeder have been improved and now allow you to sew with a low thread tension.
  3. The machine is easily rebuilt on various types of fabric, performing beautiful seams of excellent quality.
  4. Toothed rack: 4 rows (3 rows).
  5. Automatic lubrication system.

10. Consew 206RB-5

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The sewing machine Consew 206RB-5 is the best suited for working with heavy fabrics, such as leather, vinyl, tarpaulin, car covers, etc. The main feature of this model is the increased length of the seam – up to 10 mm.

A large bobbin can be changed without removing the material that you are sewing. Also, there is a tread release finger for the heavy threads. The height of the presser foot is 14 mm, which allows you to sew thick materials.

Because the Consew 206RB-5 is an industrial sewing machine, it can only be used with a special table and motor. For quality work, the machine needs constant lubrication.

Mechanism of walking feet prevents the occurrence of planting material and allows you to achieve a beautiful and smooth stitching. You can adjust the length of the reverse stitch the same as the front stitch. There is a lock of the stitch regulator, which allows it to remain unchanged, even when vibrating.

11. SINGER Heavy Duty 4432

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Multifunctional sewing machine Singer Heavy Duty 4432 of the electromechanical class is capable of high-stitching sewing of all types of fabrics at a speed of 1100 stitches per minute. Suitable for both domestic and industrial sewing, due to its faultless reliability and high productivity.

It is capable of performing 32 types of sewing operations, among which are workers, overlock, elastic and a lot of decorative stitches, as well as sewing a loop in automatic mode.

The shuttle is located horizontally, which significantly reduces the noise level of the mechanism, and makes the sewing process much more comfortable. Automatic thread filler greatly simplifies the task of threading the needle.

An important difference between the Singer Heavy Duty 4432 is the extremely high sewing speed. The metal chassis protects the mechanism from damage and ensures stability.

The free sleeve allows you to work with narrow and circular products, bright LED illumination of the sewing area, quick-change foot system, side thread cutter and other options for comfortable sewing.

Specifications of Singer Heavy Duty 4432:

  • 32 sewing programs.
  • Loop in automatic mode.
  • Horizontal shuttle.
  • Automatic thread filling.
  • Stepless adjustment of stitch parameters.
  • Maximum stitch length 4 mm.
  • Max. Stitch width 6 mm.
  • Foot pressure regulator on fabric.
  • Internal metal chassis.
  • The machine is mounted on a stainless steel tray.
  • Detachable pencil case with accessories.
  • Quick change system.
  • Double presser foot lift.
  • Free sleeve for processing of narrow and circular products.
  • The sewing speed is controlled by the pedal.
  • Work Area Illumination.
  • Thread cutter.
  • Sewing speed 1100 rpm.

How to choose a sewing machine for leather and heavy fabrics?

Cheap, especially Chinese sewing machines, often have a light weight, which doesn’t exceed 6,5 pounds. Imagine that you need to sew a draping coat. When you twist and pull the fabric, such a machine will simply roll over, shift, tilt. A good sewing machine for thick fabrics should have a weight of 8 pounds or more. Then it will be stable and will withstand any resistance of the dense tissue. The internals of branded machines are made of high-quality metal, and simply cannot be quite light.

A very important function, when choosing a machine that will be easy to sew thick fabrics – raising the foot. It is desirable that the foot can go up two, three levels. Then, fixing the foot at the top, you can easily put a thick fabric under the needle.

When buying a sewing machine on which you plan to sew thick fabrics, choose a model that includes a walking foot, special thick needles for coarse fabrics and leather, and a transporter shutdown. This will allow you to sew fabrics of any density without difficulty.

The type of shuttle is best to choose swinging. It is used in industrial sewing machines, as it is considered the most reliable and durable. Well, if the machine will have operations on edge marking, then you can do without an overlock. An additional working platform will make sewing more comfortable and convenient if you often work with large cloth fabrics. The optimal sewing speed of the machine is 600-900 stitches per minute. If you are not a professional seamstress, then you do not need much speed.

Modern sewing machines are equipped with LED lighting, which greatly saves electricity. When choosing a sewing machine for thick fabrics and leather, make sure that you can easily buy spare needles. Needles can break from time to time from dense materials, you should always have spare. A sewing machine that can easily sew thick fabrics doesn’t have to be expensive.

Such brands as Janome, Singer, Brother, Juki have excellent machines in their model line, on which you can freely sew any fabric and leather.

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