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11 Best Sewing Machine for Quilting 2022

Best Sewing Machine for Quilting

Quilting is an excellent way of creative self-expression in the sewing world. What do you need for a perfect seam? To inspire you and help you realize all your creative ideas – just your imagination and a high-quality sewing machine. Whether you are an experienced craftsman or just a beginner, choosing a sewing machine according to your taste and requirements is crucial.

So, what sewing machine to choose for quilting, which brands to prefer? Let’s talk about this in our today’s article and consider best sewing machine for quilting.

Best Sewing Machine for Quilting

1. SINGER 7469Q

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The sewing machine is an electronic sewing model made with a display and equipped with a horizontal rotary hook, capable of performing 98 sewing operations. This multifunctional and compact model is well suited for professional creative sewing, as well as for women who make fashionable clothes at home.

The sewing machine makes it possible to perform 80 different stitches: working – 15, decorative – 47, secret – 5, elastic – 15, able to sweep 7 kinds of automatic loops: eye, rectangular, rounded, linen. The matrix display located on the front panel displays the selected settings, and the panel provides 12 keys for direct selection of the stitch.

In the machine, there is an additional table for comfortable sewing, a detachable sleeve platform is installed for the possibility of processing narrow parts of clothes, the needle position is regulated, the thread tension is automatically set, the needle threader is built in, there is a reverse function for securing the seam and the ability to sew with a double needle.

The Singer Confidence 7469Q sewing machine is made with the adjustment of the pressure of the foot on the fabric, as well as the sewing speed, there is a six-lane rack, there is the double illumination of the working area. In the kit with the machine are supplied paws: for a blind hem file, for sewing zippers, overlock, for sewing on buttons, hem, universal, for sewing loops, the plate for darning. Multifunctional, high-quality and reliable technology from the famous Singer company can clearly and reliably work for many years.

  1. Type: electronic.
  2. Purpose: for home.
  3. The number of operations performed: 98 pcs.
  4. Shuttle: horizontal rotary
  5. Forming a loop: automatically
  6. Functions/features: double needle sewing, quick change of foot, extra. table, needle threader, hose platform, quick bobbin winder, display, bottom conveyor, backlight.
  7. Adjustments: presser foot pressure, maximum stitch width, bobbin stop when winding, needle stop switch, hinge balance, maximum stitch length, thread tension, conveyor shut-off, foot lift lever

2. SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960

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SINGER company has released a new model of computerized sewing machine Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist is a professional sewing technique that impresses with features. The model performs more than 700 operations, allows you to embroider monograms and work in decorative techniques. At the same time, it is easy to use due to computerized control.

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist works with smooth and accurate stitches on fabrics of various densities. The set includes an upper conveyor, which ensures the uniform advancement of the sewn layers relative to each other. As a result – the absence of creases along the seam.

The possibility of sewing without a pedal, an electronic adviser, an increased working surface – a small part of the advantages of the Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist sewing machine, the warranty for which is 2 years. She sews smoothly and quietly, allowing you to quickly and easily engage in your hobby – quilting.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 will please both amateurs and professionals of sewing with a variety of built-in sewing operations, easy operation, automatic settings and adjustments, and other useful functions that make sewing even more fun!

  1. Functions and features: button/reverse button, button size measuring system, horizontal positioner, double needle sewing, sleeve platform (free sleeve), sewing adviser, built-in storage compartment for accessories, hard plastic case.
  2. Electronic functions: the possibility of sewing without pedals, LCD (LCD display), memory cells, puncture force stabilizer, automatic stitching, automatic thread trimming, needle stop in the up position, vertical needle positioner, electronic horizontal positioner, electronic sewing expert.

3. JUKI TL-2000Qi

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The straight-through sewing machine Juki TL 2010Qi is relevant for ateliers and small factories. It is suitable for simple operations, as well as for working in decorative techniques: quilting, free-running stitch.

Juki TL 2010Qi sews quickly. At the same time, the sewing speed does not affect the quality of the lines. Filling of the thread in the needle is carried out automatically, as well as stitching the stitch. Strong advancement helps to cope with heavy materials.

When buying a Juki TL 2010Qi, we recommend paying attention to the presence of a side table. It facilitates work with bulk products, providing comfort when sewing bed linen and blankets.

  1. Functions and features: button/reverse button, expandable working surface, soft case.
  2. Electronic functions: automatic thread trimming, needle stop in the up position.

4. Juki HZL-F600

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The computer sewing machine Juki HZL-F600 is the top of the Exceed series, it has incredible potential and ample opportunities for sewing, quilting, and various works with textiles.

Juki HZL-F600 will open new horizons for you in sewing! A modern computer model with a display and a large set of lines for quilting will cope with both the most complex models of clothing, and with large blankets or panels in patchwork technique. Functionality and reliability fully justify the price of the machine.

The increased working area and additional table (included) allow you to sew large products with comfort. Among various operations, you will find 67 lines for patchwork and 4 fonts. 16 automatic program slashing the slotted hinge allows you to choose the right option for any design. The machine has earned excellent user reviews, which specifically note the work of the pedal with the possibility of thread trimming and the function of a random stitch.

If the standard model is not enough, buy additional accessories separately.

Juki HZL-F600 performs 477 operations, which greatly expand the possibilities of needlewomen. Change the stitch by simply pressing the buttons under the LCD. A couple of seconds – and the machine is ready for sewing.

Juki HZL-F600 – a find for those who want to buy a reliable technique for the implementation of creative ideas. The kit includes a variety of presser feet, which simplify the performance of many operations.

  1. Functions and features: button/reverse button, button size measuring system, horizontal positioner, double needle sewing, sleeve platform (free sleeve), sewing adviser, built-in storage compartment for accessories, hard plastic case.
  2. Electronic functions: the possibility of sewing without pedals, LCD (LCD display), memory cells, puncture force stabilizer, automatic stitching, automatic thread trimming, needle stop in the up position, vertical needle positioner, electronic horizontal positioner, electronic sewing expert.

5. Janome Memory Craft Horizon 8200 QCP

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Computer sewing machine Janome MC 8200 QCP – a technological novelty sewing machine from Janome.

This sewing machine will be possible to ensure a qualified sewing of all kinds of items for a very long time, with each sewing, saving time, while enjoying the convenience of sewing. The model Janome Memory Craft 8200 is extremely free to sew all known fabrics, can perform 120 operations, including seven loops made automatically. To adjust the tempo, there is a self-contained mechanism, and to ensure continuous sewing, and more targeted use of hands, the raising of the foot on the Janome MC 8200 can be done with a special lever operated by the knee of the seamstress.

Having provided the equipment of the machine with the necessary attachments, it will be possible to carry out patchwork with or without lining. All the parameters that you need to periodically use can be saved using the option inherent in this model. The sewing speed on the sewing machine Janome Memory Craft can reach seven hundred stitches per minute, which causes rapid processing of materials. With all its capabilities, this machine consumes little energy, which determines its economy. The sewing machine foot can be lifted within thirteen millimeters

The widest choice of stitches, automatic stitching of loops and automatic threading in the needle make routine operations a pleasure. All data on the stitch length, stitch width and the type of presser foot are displayed on the liquid crystal display.

The machine allows you to process products from fabrics of various thicknesses (from the thinnest silk to denim fabric), providing ample opportunities for creativity.

  • 120 sewing operations;
  • automatic loop;
  • 7 kinds of hinges;
  • horizontal shuttle;
  • smooth adjustment of stitch length up to 5 mm;
  • stepless adjustment stitch width up to 9 mm;
  • maximum sewing speed 900 st/m;
  • alphabet: 1 Latin alphabet;
  • the maximum height of the presser foot 14 mm;
  • power consumption 50W;
  • the built-in upper conveyor belt;
  • knee lift lever;
  • button size measuring system;
  • display;
  • sleeve platform;
  • sewing without pedal;
  • electronic puncture force stabilizer;
  • automatic needle threader;
  • automatic thread trimming;
  • the programmable needle stop in the upper / lower position;
  • 2-year warranty.

6. Janome Memory Craft 6600P

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The most expected sewing machine from Janome – with the characteristics and speed of a professional sewing machine as well as the flexibility and richness of household functions combined in the sewing machine Janome Memory Craft 6600P. A really rich complete set of this computerized sewing machine and a variety of lines will please you.

The machine is simple and convenient to repair (to any of its internal parts there is convenient access), it is reliable since the insides are made of high-alloy steel. Bearings are protected from dust and work gently. The working surface is well lit by two bulbs. In the memory block, you save the letters, then press the pedal. The machine will sew, for example, your patronymic or surname and stop itself, even if you still press the pedal.

There are clues in the work. Carefully look at the display if you have already started sewing, and the machine does not sew for any reason. It will tell you what’s the matter. For example, draw a picture on the display that the presser foot is raised. You lower the foot and sew on. If they overlooked that the thread was torn, she would write: “Attention, danger.” And there are such tips for each operation. If you unplugged it, then turned it back on again, the sewing machine remembers the current setting.

The machine sews different types of fabric – from thin, sliding, to medium and thick. In addition, if you are doing patchwork or quilting, this machine is for you. There are 12 legs in the set, one of which is a change conveyor. The hard fabric is moved by the upper and lower teeth. There is a pressure adjustment of the presser foot on the fabric. You can sew with a needle in the center or with a needle shifting to the right/left, with a pitch of 0.2 cm. The machine sews different types of threads, even metalized. Comfort additional table (225 mm). Also equipped with a lever to raise the foot of the knee. The pedal is thin and flat, the wire is originally concealed in it. Easy threading of the thread, both upper and lower, excellent auto-cutting of threads.

7. Janome Memory Craft 6500P

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The JanomeMC6500P sewing machine –  is not only your usual home sewing machine. It is a computerized dream machine for any level and skill of a seamstress, whether it’s an ordinary housewife or a seamstress- a “golden needle”. Sewing of any product is subject to this model – from garments to complex quilts and tight in density fabric.

The machine automatically provides the optimum speed and accuracy of sewing and stitching at the same time. In addition, this model-computer has an important role in relation to advanced and modern sewing and contains serious features for the master of his craft. Sewing a speed of 1,000 stitches per minute means that all your projects will be completed quickly and on time. And all other advantages of the machine not only complement but also guarantee that all processes will work and function easily and smoothly. Such features include many original features designed specifically for patchwork and quilting, including stitches of a certain direction and specialization in a modern feeder.

Janome MC6500 comes with several paws for a variety of work and sewing. Sewing lovers will appreciate the independent winding of the bobbin and the automatic pruning of threads. The machine is supplied with an expansion table, which will provide you with convenience when working with volumetric products.

8. Singer PATCHWORK 7285Q

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A special version of the sewing machine with advanced features and bundling for patchwork and quilting enthusiasts. In the kit to the machine, you will find a side table for expanding the working surface and 11 different presser legs, including the upper conveyor!

100 kinds of lines, which has a computer sewing machine PATCHWORK 7285Q, will satisfy even a professional. 6 types of automatic loops that are swept out at one time, stopping the needle in the desired position, automatic threading, and a fast bobbin winder system make sewing comfortable.

The sewing machine can be sewn simultaneously with threads of two colors. A lever-fed rack conveyor and push-button adjustment of the presser foot force allow working with any materials, and a horizontal shuttle that does not need lubrication and maintenance guarantees the sewing machine smoothness and soft running.

Distinctive features:

  • The number of sewing operations – 100.
  • Shuttle type – horizontal.
  • The main purpose is a universal sewing machine.
  • Automatic loops – 7 types.
  • LCD display with information about the selected operation.
  • Smooth digital adjustment of the stitch sizes.
  • Adjusting the stitch width from 0 to 6.5 mm.
  • Adjusting the stitch length from 0 to 4.8 mm.
  • Sewing without pedals – Start/Stop button.
  • Sewing speed controller on the machine body.
  • Adjusting the presser foot pressure automatically.
  • Adjustable fabric feed.
  • Automatic needle positioning.
  • Dual Needle Mode.
  • Built-in needle thread threader system.
  • Thread cutter on machine body.
  • Quick change system.
  • Free sleeve.
  • Reverse button.
  • Automatic bobbin winder.
  • Detachable storage compartment for accessories.
  • Bright modern LED work area lighting.

9. Juki TL-2010Q

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From an industrial stitching machine, this model took a high sewing speed (1500 stitches per minute), a fully metal casing and an ultra-reliable industrial vertical double glide canoe. From a household machine, it got a compact size that would allow to professionally engage in sewing, even in the smallest room.

The Juki TL 2010Q is equipped with all the automatic functions. Automatic pruning will allow you not to waste time working with scissors. You can adjust the maximum sewing speed in the range from 200 to 1500 stitches/min with the help of the movable regulator. Adjusting the speed of rotation of the main shaft is controlled by a microcomputer, which allows you to sew at low speeds. This ensures accurate advancement and an ideal stitch quality when working with heavy materials, making free-running stitches on a multi-layered package of materials.

The needle positioner makes sewing comfortable and fast. The needle threader will greatly simplify the process of threading the needle.

The Juki TL 2010Q is equipped with a side table for sewing, which significantly increases the working space; knee lifter, which simplifies the work with bulk materials; as well as a large set of paws, among which there are a foot-upper conveyor and paws for darning!

The new tongue of the bobbin case and the enlarged ankle area make it easy to install and replace the bobbin. An additional side table has a sliding plate, which makes it easy to change the bobbin while sewing.

The stitch length of the Juki TL 2010Q is 6mm. Disconnection of the lower conveyor along with the huge reach of the sleeve (215mm * 150mm) makes it possible to easily perform a free-running stitch. The machine is able to easily sew the densest fabrics. Also, it can easily cope with multi-layer products.

Thanks to the industrial double shuttle, the Juki TL 2010Q performs an ideal straight line. The main difference from all household sewing machines is the absence of a backlash of the needle left-right because of which the straight line goes “herringbone”.

To sum it up, we can say that the Juki TL 2010Q sewing machine is an excellent choice for lovers of sewing masters. It is perfect for all kinds of patchwork and quilting! This machine can satisfy the most demanding customer and will serve him for many years.

Features of the Juki TL-2010Q:

  • Vertical double escape canopy
  • The maximum stitch length is 6 mm.
  • The height of the presser foot up to 12 mm.
  • Sewing speed up to 1500 st./min.
  • Automatic thread trimming.
  • Speed controller.
  • Needle positioner.
  • Needle Threader.
  • Side table in the set.
  • Sleeve outreach 215mm*150mm.
  • Disconnection of the lower conveyor.

10. Juki HZL-F400

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Juki HZL-F400 uses modern technology to sew as best as possible! A large selection of programs and thoughtful design of the model allow you to work and create with pleasure. The reliability and quality of Juki’s equipment correspond to the price of the machine.

Special quilting stitches and an increased working space will be appreciated by fans of patchwork sewing, and a qualitative line on fabrics of any density will be useful in any work. Users say in their reviews about how convenient it is to work with a knee lifter, automatic dressing and thread trimming. You can install a double needle (included in the kit) and perform a neat decorative stitching.

The delivery set of the model includes a large kit of accessories but some special paws need to be bought separately.

The machine uses an advanced system of promoting the material – Box Feed. The model is great for working with 3D projects, thanks to the increased working surface.

Among the advantages of the Juki HZL-F400 is a wide selection of sewing operations, including 16 types of professional quality loops performed in automatic mode. You do not need to use the scissors when sewing, thanks to the automatic trimming of the thread, which works both from a special button and from pressing the pedal.

The Juki HZL F400 sewing machine has 157 built-in different stitch options!

Juki, a leader in industrial sewing equipment, is now introducing high technology into your home with a new F-series of household sewing and quilting machines. This machine will exceed your expectations with functionality and reliability, even the professionals of the Juki HZL F400 will like it. Get professional results with an even seam, great functionality, ample opportunities for quilting and making clothes. Use at home Juki’s many years of experience in industrial sewing equipment and extend the sewing boundaries with the Juki HZL-F400.

Ease of use:

  • smooth adjustment of sewing speed;
  • the possibility of sewing without a pedal;
  • free sleeve;
  • 7-segment conveyor belt;
  • smooth needle positioning;
  • needle stop button at the top or bottom;
  • the mirror image of the stitch pattern;
  • adjusting the presser foot pressure on the fabric;
  • automatic tack;
  • automatic thread trimming (button, pedal);
  • reverse;
  • loop balance;
  • double needle sewing;
  • a quick change of foot sole;
  • descending rack;
  • adjusting the width of the slot when sewing loops;
  • knee lever for raising the foot.

11. Bernette B38

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The Bernett b38 electronic sewing machine is the top in the new series. It provides all the necessary facilities for creative sewing.

A huge number of all kinds of sewing operations will satisfy even the most experienced professionals in sewing. Among 394 operations, there are stitches for knitwear, overlock, for a hidden seam, a large selection of quilt and decorative stitches. 3 types of the alphabet will be useful for decorating products with monograms. The machine can perform 8 kinds of loops and even darning.

At the height are control functions that help in sewing. Among the most interesting are automatic thread trimming and bracing, sewing without a pedal and a smooth speed adjustment, needle positioning and a touch-sensitive control menu. In the center of the front panel is an LCD with all the necessary information about the current settings of the machine. Direct access to the pull-out department contains a short guide and a list of lines.

Separately, it is worth noting the atypical, even for electronic machines, security system when using a double needle. Pressing one button and the machine will not allow unsuitable operations and stitch parameters for such a needle.

A sufficiently large working surface can be further increased due to the adjacent table, which is supplied in the kit and will allow you to realize the largest projects. The built-in needle threader simplifies and speeds up the preparation of the machine for sewing. In addition, the machine has a memory function that you can use to store pattern combinations in memory so you can use them again for the next project.

  • 394 sewing operations;
  • automatic loop (8 kinds);
  • horizontal shuttle;
  • LCD display;
  • 3 types of the alphabet;
  • memory (allows you to save pattern combinations);
  • smooth adjustment of stitch length up to 5 mm;
  • smooth adjustment of the zigzag width to 7 mm;
  • start/stop button;
  • needle positioning;
  • needle threader;
  • automatic thread trimming;
  • LED backlight;
  • free sleeve;
  • the 2-step lifting of the foot;
  • maximum sewing speed 820 stds/min;
  • reverse;
  • double needle sewing;
  • a quick change of foot;
  • hard case;
  • side table;


What will be required for quilting and design?

If you decide to try your hand at the quilting and do not know what functions your machine should have so that you can learn this kind of needlework, then this part of the article is for you. A quilting machine for beginners it is desirable to have the following:

  • knee lever for control of the presser foot;
  • a special presser foot and markings on the sub-gauge plate so that you can sew an exact allowance;
  • the sewing speed must be adjustable;
  • function “free arm” with the possibility of increasing the working surface;
  • simple bobbin winding, switches of sizes and types of stitches, tension regulators;
  • the ability to turn off the standard fabric feeding mode and use special paws for patchwork – the walking foot and darning foot.

The presented list of possibilities, of course, is not exhaustive. The computerized sewing machine for quilting today has great opportunities for creativity. Leading world manufacturers regularly improve the proposed models, giving them all new and useful properties for maximum comfort. In order not to get confused in the copies on the market and purchase the right ones for your requests, we recommend creating a list in which the functions you need are listed, and follow this list when choosing a model.

With free sleeve

The “free sleeve” is a function of a sewing machine that makes it convenient to work with narrow tubular products by removing the case intended for storage of accessories. Almost all modern machines have this option. After removing the accessory compartment, you will find a narrow platform that is extremely convenient for handling trousers, sleeves and circular seams.

For home

World suppliers distinguish different lines of equipment, specializing in quilting. As a rule, quilting machines, in comparison with conventional ones, have distinctive features for working with multi-layered fabrics of large sizes. If you are new to this business, here are some tips:

  1. An important difference between special machines for patchwork sewing is an elongated working platform since it is very inconvenient to sew bulky items on the ordinary, they have to be folded or folded into many layers. Consequently, the longer the part from the needle to the stand is, the more convenient and easier it will be to sew large parts.
  2. The presence of a table, which increases the working surface, is an additional pleasant subject, which improves the conditions for creativity.
  3. The presence of an upper conveyor for the fabric contributes to a uniform supply of the upper layer of the fabric. There are two types of upper conveyors – built-in and removable. The integrated conveyor, unlike the removable one, makes it possible to work with any presser foot, and not only with a universal one. The upper conveyor is necessary to avoid creases in the product due to uneven movement of the fabric due to its different feed rates.
  4. Adjusting the sewing speed is an important function of the sewing machine, which will give you the opportunity to determine the convenient sewing speed. Selecting the speed mode, it will remain unchanged. This is mainly comfortable when sewing blankets, creating decorative elements.
  5. It is very convenient to have in your sewing machine an option that allows you to lower and raise the needle: you can leave the needle in the fabric and to change the direction of the line, you do not need to pull the flywheel.
  6. The stitch length regulator (in a different way BSR or Bernina Stich-Regulator) is an innovation from Bernina, it makes it possible to make all stitches equally long. This is a truly important option since it was believed that with a free stitch, the stitch length can only be adjusted by two methods – the material feed rate and the sewing speed. Using the BSR foot, you can not follow the long stitches but concentrate on the drawing.
  7. If you want to be able to lash a patchwork in the free movement technique, the machine must be equipped with an operation to disconnect the lower conveyor. To use this technique requires a special foot, which is often included in the complete set of machines for patchwork sewing.

As we see, there is a variety of different adaptations for the convenience of quilters. However, if you are interested in a simple quilting machine, then you can choose your usual sewing machine, easy enough for convenient transportation, and performs such standard lines as straight and zigzag. If you plan to work with free technique or embroidery, then decide on the one in which you can turn off the bottom conveyor.

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