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7 Best Sewing Machine Oils in 2022

Best Sewing Machine Oils

Sewing machines are often used by mistresses in everyday affairs. Some mistresses can sew on them unique things. Professional seamstresses and amateurs use different types of machines, but each needs care.

When at home or working in a sewing studio, you need to use oil. Good oil improves equipment performance and prolongs its life. This overview presents the best sewing machine oils to help you extend the life of your sewing machine.

Best Sewing Machine Oils

1. Liberty Oil

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Vaseline sewing machine Liberty Oil is a purified mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons. It is a crystal clear product with a watery-white color, free of toxic impurities and odorless.

The main purpose of the sewing machine oil is to reduce wear on friction surfaces to extend the life of parts and mechanisms.

For industrial sewing machines with automatic lubrication systems, the oil is poured into a pallet or a special tank.

The oil is fed through distribution oil pipes to the friction surfaces of the parts. When operating the machine, observe the operation of the lubrication system via the transparent cap.

If the amount of oil in the crankcase decreases, you must supplement it at a good time.

For drip-lubricated sewing machines, oil is supplied periodically to units and mechanisms. It should be made by means of an oiler or hand syringe at the locations indicated on the machines.

This oil is also used to lubricate vertical, disc, and belt knives. It is suitable for the care and maintenance of plastic and rubber parts and mechanisms.

You can also use it on the working surfaces of sewing machines. For example, needle plates, presser legs, and knitting machine parts. It prevents zipper locks from getting jammed in your clothes.

2. Singer Sewing Machine Oil

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Singer Sewing Machine Oil is used to lubricate mechanical units of sewing machines and other equipment.

It does not contain resins and acids. When used, this oil does not condense and does not form an oil film. This is the most common cause of machine breakage.

The oil protects the parts against corrosion and wear. It does not leave stains on fabrics or objects.

Singer Sewing Machine Oil is used for:

  • knife blades (vertical, disc, and ribbon).
  • thread oils
  • lightweight components in rolling and friction assemblies
  • rubber seals
  • ironing soles
  • presser feet
  • knitting parts
  • zip-locking
  • friction reducers
  • wear and tear reduction
  • dust protection and cleaning of parts and assemblies
  • rust prevention
  • extending the life of parts that are subject to friction

Before use, the manufacturer recommends that old lubricants be removed from the lubrication areas. Then apply a moderate amount of oil.

3. ProTecta Needle Oiler

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The ProTecta Needle Oiler is vaseline oil. It has undergone multi-stage hydrotreatment, the highest degree of purity.

It has high oxidative stability and is resistant to ultraviolet irradiation. This oil is a purified mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons.

This oil is sold in a special oil bottle. The oil can with a metal spout is a small plastic bottle with an elongated, unbending spout.

It is used to supply oil when lubrication of mechanical parts of sewing machines. You will need the oil bottle for sewing machine maintenance.

This oil is characterized by low viscosity. It is very important to take this parameter into account when selecting the oil.

It affects the speed of the sewing machine. It does not leave traces of grease on the fabric, which is also a great advantage. Many seamstresses recommend this oil as one of the best manufacturers on the market.

4. SINGER 2129

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Sewing Cleaned Oil SINGER 2129 is a universal product designed to lubricate precision machinery.

It is odorless, non-toxic, non-polluting. It is neutral to plastics.

This oil has a more refined structure. it allows lubrication of more delicate mechanisms.

It is a waterproof product made by combining silicone oil with a thickener.

It is used not only for home and industrial sewing machines but also for knitting machines and overlock machines.

This oil protects your sewing machine parts from corrosion and wear.

It does not leave stains on fabrics or objects.

Before using it, you should clean the areas intended for lubrication from old lubricants.

Then apply a moderate amount of oil.

5. Sewing Machine Oil

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Sewing Machine Oil has good viscosity.

It is a value that shows how strong an oil film will be on the parts to be lubricated. The viscosity index of this sewing machine oil is 18-20.

Typically, for high-speed machines, the oil is taken at a higher viscosity. So this oil is perfectly suited for this purpose.

The curing temperature of this oil is high. At lower temperatures, the oil loses its mobility. If your machines are constantly in a well-heated room, it does not threaten you.

Antioxidant properties – the ability not to spoil under external influences. That is, a shorter or longer service life. This oil has all the necessary properties for good operation.

Detergent properties are the ability to prevent dust from sticking. The bottom oil contains all the necessary components that prevent the oil from sticking. Besides, this factor helps to avoid unpleasant stains on fabric when using a sewing machine.

Besides, this sewing machine oil contains substances that prevent the formation of foam during use. This is one of the main features for which customers love this product.

6. SINGER 2131

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SINGER 2131 oil is supplied in a volume that is enough to last for a long time.

If you have more than one sewing machine, it will be an excellent choice for you. The bottle has a handy spout that helps to gently pour the oil onto the right surfaces.

But it is made of good materials and has passed the necessary treatment. It is suitable for any type of sewing machine.

Perfectly lubricates all materials and surfaces. After greasing your sewing machine, you can start using it immediately.

The oil does not leave stains on fabrics and other materials. Besides, the oil does not emit any harmful substances.

So you will not have any allergies or other reactions to the smell or texture of this oil. This mineral oil also contains detergents. they ensure that surfaces are free of sticky dust.

It’s very easy and quick to apply. This oil can also be used for other items that need to be lubricated.

7. Universal Sewing Machine Oil in Zoom Spout Oiler

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Sewing machine oil Universal Sewing Machine Oil in Zoom Spout Oiler is quite universal.

Not only seamstresses but also housewives like it, as the scope of this oil is very wide.

But, the main purpose of this oil is to lubricate sewing machines.

This oil has an excellent composition and was filtered with a high level of cleaning.

It is designed to lubricate and protect sewing machines, knitting machines and much more.

When used, this oil does not condense. It protects parts from corrosion, increased wear by forming a protective layer.

Before use, it is recommended to clean the areas intended for lubrication according to the recommendations for this product.

Then apply a moderate amount of oil using a handy dispenser.

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