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9 Best Sewing Machines under $100

Best Sewing Machines under 100

If you are looking for a budget version of a sewing machine, then you came across the right webpage! The list below consists of the best sewing machines that cost around 100 bucks. These machines are perfect both for beginners and for those who need a sewing machine just for small domestic purposes.

By the way, don’t you worry – the front picture of this article is just for fun! It is absolutely possible to buy a new modern sewing machine for $100! Let’s begin.

Best Sewing Machines under $100

1. Singer Start 1304

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Singer Start 1304 is a simple, portable, lightweight and easy-to-use device. It is perfect for those who just begin to sew and have to go to sewing classes – this machine won’t cause any hurt in your arms!

This Singer has all the basic details that make a sewing machine efficient and handy – automatic bobbin winding, free arm, etc. There are 6 different stitches, one of them is buttonhole which is 4-step.

There is also a removable storage for accessories. All in all, this sewing machine perfectly suits anyone who wants something great and easy for a nice price! Don’t forget to check the price on Amazon!

2. Singer Fashion Mate 3333

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Singer Fashion Mate is pretty similar to the model above – it is also free arm and it is also portable, but there are some peculiarities! To start with, the number of stitches is a bit bigger – it is 23, among them just that one buttonhole, which is 4-step.

This sewing machine has a heavy duty metal frame, which basically means that in theory it can be used for sewing all types of fabrics. But it is not heavy duty – its speed is average. But it has other advantages, such as accessories (which are included in the price!) – different kinds of feet like zipper foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot; also bobbins, needles, and other useful goodies.

So, if you are ready to pay a bit more than the price of the previous model, we strongly recommend you to check this Singer as well. Who knows, maybe some additional detail will be a game-changer for you!

3. Brother XM2701

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Brother XM2701 is a trustworthy sewing machine that was even chosen by Amazon as the one to look at first. This machine is of a really good quality. For a price that is less than one hundred dollars, you get 27 stitches, 63 stitch functions, 1 step buttonhole, and more!

The model is portable and lightweight. It consists of all the modern features that make sewing easier – automatic needle threader, drop-in bobbin, working area lighting, so that your eyes don’t get weary, and so on. Besides, there are 6 feet that are pretty standard but still – zigzag, zipper, narrow hemmer, blind stitch, buttonhole, and button sewing feet.

It is worth reminding that all the models described above are suitable just for users who have 120V sockets – like in the US, for example. In other cases, using such a device might be problematic. So, check the price, check your voltage and don’t hesitate much!

4. Brother XM1010

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Brother XM1010 is one more Brother model from the same series. It even looks similar, but, alas, not that advanced! However, the price is lower, so why not to consider this model as well.

This sewing machine has 10 stitches and 4 different sewing feet. Among the stitches, as usual, is one buttonhole (4 step). Besides, there are all those modern features associated with convenience – automatic bobbin winder, drop-in bobbin, and also stitch selection.

All in all, Brother XM1010 is one more portable Brother sewing machine that just does its job well! For this price category, this is probably the only thing that’s essential! When what’s essential is decorated by such beautiful flowers, the purchase becomes more desirable!

5. Singer Simple 3232

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Singer Simple 3232 is a model that is more expensive than others, but it is possible to find good discounts on this one or just buy a used version – in this way the price might also become less than $100.

The model provides you with 32 built-in stitches. 19 of them are decorative and 1 of them is a buttonhole (1 step!). The machine has an automatic needle threader, it is free arm an all the other handy features are included. The most remarkable of them is probably reverse sewing, which is about sewing in reverse.

The durability of this device is unquestionable. It can even be used for sewing several layers of material. The speed allows that as well – 750 stitches per minute is quite suitable even for leather. To sum up, sometimes it is better to look for used or discounted sewing machines to get a better deal than to try to choose a price that suits your budget! I hope you’ll be lucky enough to find out that this model is discounted!

6. Brother XR3774

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One more Brother on our list. This sewing machine is an amazing $100 device that has practically anything to create great garments or to put into reality other projects of yours.

The number of stitches is 37. The total number of stitch variations is 74. The number of feet is 8, including blind stitch and quilting feet. As for quilting, here it is extremely convenient to do because of a wide table specially designed for big projects.

Apart from all of the mentioned features, this sewing machine also has a jam-resistant drop-in bobbin, needle-threader, and light for the working area. A nice device for such a price!

7. Brother Jx2517

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Brother Jx2517 is one more nice machine from Brother. It is literally nice! Just look at it. The device can offer you 17 stitches. One of them is a buttonholer (4-step). The package includes a number of accessories, such as additional feet – buttonhole, button sewing, zipper, and zigzag (so, the most common ones, as we see); needles, bobbins, even a screwdriver!

Apart from all of that, we cannot mention the mechanics of the machine. It is truly great. We’ve already listed lots of useful features in the reviews above – well, this machine has all of them either. What it also has is the maximum speed of 900 stitches per minute. Now that is an advantage! So, if you like flowers and high speed, this one is for you! Go check the price!

8. Brother SM1738D

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Let me introduce you to another Brother sewing machine. You’ll definitely like this one! Well, at least if you are into Disney cartoons, then you’ll do. This little cute machine with Mickey Mouse painted on the side has 17 stitches and 4 sewing feet. So, all the most essential stuff is present!

As for the other details, it is pretty similar to the model above. The price is higher though – probably because of such an interesting design. There are actually four different faceplates – all are made in Disney theme. Plus, there is a Disney dust cover, so it is all about the theme!

If your child is into sewing, this machine will be a great gift! And if you yourself like Disney movies, why not to choose a device that will remind you of your interests?

9. Janome Merlot Sew Mini

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Janome Merlot Sew Mini is not very big. In fact, its name speaks for itself – this sewing machine is miniature! It cannot offer much – just 8 stitches and some basic features.

Its design is fantastic, you see! Well, I personally adore its purple color. So, if you really have a child who will be happy to receive a sewing machine as a gift, consider this option! And if you know that the sewing machine will serve you only for some small purposes, once again, you may consider buying this Janome.

To see more mini sewing machines, check out: 7 Best mini sewing machines.

I hope, this article helped you find the sewing machine you were looking for. Stay creative & don’t forget to bookmark our website for new sewing machines articles!

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