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7 Best Sewing Scissors in 2022

Best Sewing Scissors

The most important tool of a tailor is scissors. Their competent choice depends on the speed and quality of work performed. Thus, this rating of the best models will help you decide on the buy.

In general, a seamstress should have several similar tools – from 4 to 5. But, they often use one universal scissor of medium size. About them and will be discussed in this review.

But before you go to the rating, you should familiarize yourself with the important rules for choosing a closing tool:

  • Quality scissors are made of steel with a special coating.
  • When working with heavy fabrics you will need a round bottom ring that is raised up.
  • Sharpening must be done at an oblique angle.
  • The longer the tool is, the thicker the fabric it will take.

Specialists tell to give preference to well-known manufacturers and not to save on buy. A quality product will cost a lot of money.

Best Sewing Scissors

1. Heavy Duty Scissors

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At the top of the rating is the Heavy Duty Scissors cutting model. It has a curved shape, in which the small ring is raised up.

The angular design makes it easy to cut on a straight surface. This way you don’t have to lift the material very high.

As the blades themselves move underneath and some of the scissors are above the plane. The length of 20 cm is optimally suited for storage in the work area.

The screw can be tightened and loosened using a screwdriver. The tool is made of high-quality stainless steel. Up to three fingers fit into the lower ring, this increases the cutting force.

Advantages of this model of sewing scissors:

  • Convenient and pleasant operation
  • Great at taking the thick matter
  • The optimal size for operation and storage
  • High material quality

Tailors say that a pointed blade makes it easy to penetrate under the fabric. Besides, the thick pads are comfortable for hands.

2. Kretzer Finny 72024

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Kretzer Finny 72024 are designed for cutting any kind of fabric, including fur and leather.

They are made of stainless steel in Germany. The blades are perfectly sharpened and cut perfectly.

The threads do not crumble on the cut. Plastic handles do not weigh the tool and are easy to use.

The hand does not get tired even after a few hours of work. Rubberized inserts keep your hand from sliding.

Advantages of this model of sewing scissors:

  • Cut any fabric
  • Usable
  • High-quality material
  • Non-slip
  • Durable

Scissors are recommended to buy by those who have used them for several years. The owners claim that the blades are sharp even after 5-6 years.

3. Fabric Scissors Professional 10 inch Heavy Duty Scissors

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Next in the rating is the model Fabric Scissors Professional 10 inch Heavy Duty Scissors.

It is an ideal option for those who work at home and in the studio. The 25 cm long scissors are made of strong steel and are quite palpable in the hand.

Avoid sliding fingers and rubbing allows rubberized inner ring. The tool perfectly cuts denim, suit, coat, and dress materials.

The blades fit perfectly when cutting and can make small cuts. The scissors open perfectly to any angle and do not dangles.

The product is manufactured by all requirements and pleases customers with durability, strength, and ease of use.

Advantages of this model of the sewing scissors:

  • The perfect combination of quality and price
  • Suitable for all fabrics
  • Durable
  • Self-sharpening
  • Handy
  • Hot-rolled plastic handles
  • Stainless steel quality blade with chromium added

Owners are delighted with perfectly smooth cuts. Even after a long time, the scissors are as sharp as they were on the day of buy.

4. SINGER 00561

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Also, an excellent choice is a model with the steel ball at the end of the blade.

It provides protection against unexpected punctures in an undesirable place. The tool allows you to work with the most delicate fabric without damaging it.

With a length of 230 mm it is ideal for long cuts. The 3 mm thick blades guarantee durability and deformation resistance. Made of stainless steel, the scissors will last a long time.

Advantages of this model of sewing scissors:

  • Sturdy, deformation-resistant blades
  • Are made of sturdy steel
  • Distribution of effort
  • Overworked with lightweight
  • Ergonomic notches

Judging by the reviews, working with them saves the tailor’s efforts. This is achieved thanks to the half-bent shapes of the halves, which distribute the load between the fingers.

5. LIVINGO Premium Tailor Scissors

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These sewing scissors are used for needlework and at home for various purposes.

They are metal, with plastic heat-resistant handles that do not melt when in contact with an iron. Have a small size, lightweight, convenient to lie in the hand.

Advantages of this model of sewing scissors:

  • Pleasant to the touch
  • Soft rubber inlays
  • Customization
  • Extraordinarily comfortable

The scissors are made of tool steel.

The steel contains chrome, which prevents the formation of rust, and carbon. It gives the tool extra strength.

6. Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

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These are classic tailor scissors of the highest quality. These shears for professional tailoring are made of hardened steel.

In general, together with their ergonomic steel handle with a black paintwork finish, they lie in your hand accordingly.

The large opening can accommodate up to four fingers. Thus, it effectively transfers the force to the blade.

The asymmetrical shape of the scissors prevents the fabric from lifting or slipping. Each satin-finish blade is hand-sharpened and tested.

The advantages of this model of sewing scissors:

  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant
  • High quality
  • Low-temperature cooled hardening for improved cutting edge stability
  • The greatest combination of steel strength and ductility

Another sign of the quality of these tailor’s scissors is the thick screw as a strong, secure connection between the two branches. This allows for a flexible extra change of the cutting tension depending on the project.

7. Fiskars 01-005437

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These cutting scissors are used for cutting fabric.

Metal with plastic heat-resistant handles that do not melt when in contact with an iron. The length of the blade allows cutting small parts.

The length of the blade is convenient for cutting in a straight line.

They are used for cutting dress, costume, coat groups of fabrics, heaters.

Advantages of this model of sewing scissors:

  • Wedge-shaped blades
  • Blade interior is concave
  • Extreme precision and sharpness
  • Smallest friction

The scissors are made of tool steel. The steel contains chrome. It prevents the formation of rust, and carbon, which gives the tool extra strength. The tips easily cut the material without forgetting the edge. The cutting surfaces of the knife fit perfectly.

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