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7 Best Upholstery Sewing Machines Reviews

Best Upholstery Sewing Machines

People with no experience in sewing often believe that the same machine can handle any kind of fabric. However, this is a misconception.

Let’s give a simple analogy: the hair salon doesn’t cut hair with manicure scissors, it is pointless and ineffective. It’s about the same in the sewing business. For thicker and dense materials (denim, upholstery fabrics, etc.) there are special devices developed. Criteria for selection:

  • Motor power. If you consider computer models, the parameter should be at least 45 W, for electromechanical models the value is higher – 75 W.
  • The presence of the upper and lower conveyor belt. The latter should be mentioned separately. It should have a maximum number of teeth. Why do you need them? It is with their help that the fabric moves forward, does not stop under the foot. If there are not enough teeth (for example, no front teeth) the material will remain in one place, and the needle will punch the same hole.
  • Weight and material. When working with thick fabrics, the lightweight tool will start to vibrate too much, bounce. Simple sewing machines for beginners won’t work here. The minimum weight for such a machine is 10 pounds or more. It is desirable to choose a machine made from a metal alloy or full metal construction.
  • Walking foot. This accessory will help you sew dense fabrics in several layers, so make sure that it is included.

If you are going to work with drapes, tarpaulins, and other similar materials, do not buy a budget home appliance.

Such models can’t cope with dense fabric, although the manufacturers say that the technique can sew a few layers. There is a share of truth here: it is really possible to pierce, but it is unlikely to sew. At attempts to work on an inappropriate model you will get the maximum shuttle displacement or needle plate breakage, but not a good result.

Best Upholstery Sewing Machines

1. SINGER Heavy Duty 4411

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The Singer 4411 is one of the most powerful sewing machines with good ratings on the Internet.

Singer 4411 is easy to use and very functional. It performs 11 sewing operations and stitches the loop in semi-automatic mode.

Thanks to its horizontal positioning, the Singer Heavy Duty 4411 has a smooth and quiet running and considerably simplifies the threading task.

The lever for lifting the presser foot has two positions. If you raise the lever to the upper position, you can place several layers of fabric under the foot. There is a special compartment for accessories and a built-in light bulb.

Free arm for easy handling of narrow and round products. Sewing speed can be adjusted by means of an electric pedal.

The body of the sewing machine is made of plastic in a grey color. The inner frame of the sewing machine is made of durable metal. It very well suppresses vibrations at work and increases the strength of the machine.

2. SINGER Heavy Duty 4452

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The 4452 from Singer is a mechanical sewing machine, which is very easy to use as there is nothing superfluous in it.

It has the ability to perform 32 types of stitches, 6 types of basic stitches, 18 types of decorative stitches, 7 types of stretch, and 1 fully automatic 1-step buttonholes.

The Singer 4452 has a dial that allows you to control the width of the stitch. The maximum stitch width is 6 mm. Sewers will appreciate the convenience of threading a needle in this model. The motor of Singer 4452 is 60% more powerful than other models, which allows you to sew at a maximum speed of 1100 stitches per minute.

Users talk about this model as a very powerful sewing machine. It simultaneously sews up to 12 layers of thick denim fabric, any leather thickness.

The control panel is very handy and easy to understand, even a beginner can easily understand it. The set of functions is quite enough to perform work of any complexity. Since Singer 4452 is not as expensive as the other machines on the list, it will be an excellent choice for designers and beginners who want to sew furniture covers.

Although it holds an honorable place on our list, it still lacks automation.

3. SINGER Heavy Duty 4432

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SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 is a powerful sewing machine that can sew several layers of fabric without much effort. Moreover, it is extremely easy to operate and has all the necessary functions.

Can be used both at home and in a small atelier. For an acceptable price, you will get a fully functional sewing machine. There is everything you need: several types of stitches, including adjustable zigzag, auto thread trimmer, good illumination of the working area.

The speed of sewing thin fabrics is simply stunning. If you sew very thick fabrics, you should be more careful when choosing your speed. Even Teflon needles will break at high speeds.

Users note in their reviews a high presser foot, very comfortable when sewing coats and thick trousers. There are no restrictions on the thickness of the fabric, either. Even with leather, the machine does a great job. Separately, it’s noted that there is a penal for all the little things.

If you are not a cool designer or don’t work in a professional studio, the possibilities of this model will be enough for you. Singer 4432 is very compact and thanks to the metal platform maintain excellent stability. The stitches are perfectly straight and durable.

4. REX 607 Sewing Machine

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REX Sewing Machine has a powerful engine that allows you to use the machine for any task. It combines all the features you need to sew heavy fabrics and upholstery projects.

What users like most of all are the full-body metal frame and durability. This model is most often chosen by experienced sewers. The machine doesn’t vibrate while sewing.

The REX Sewing Machine may not be the market leader, but it has all the features you need, so it will be a reliable helper. The machine has superior speed control and works with the toughest fabrics. It can handle denim, leather, and other thick fabrics.

The machine will be a great choice for industrial use as well.

5. Brother PQ1500SL

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Brother PQ1500SL cannot be called a heavy-duty sewing machine, but in fact, it is.

Brother PQ1500SL can work with thick fabrics such as leather and upholstery fabrics. It can also easily sew multiple layers. Moreover, this sewing machine delicate enough to be used for light fabrics such as wool, cotton, and linen.

It has a speed of 1500 stitches per minute. Other features/details include adjustable pin feed mechanism, various feed dog settings – basic, rolled hem, zippers, etc., pressure adjustments, knee lifter, thread cutter, automatic needle threader, and more.

According to users’ reviews, it’s a quality and powerful sewing machine. The motor is strong, the stitches are even. The large extension table makes it much easier to sew large projects. Brother PQ1500SL is well worth the money.

With regular maintenance, the Brother PQ1500SL sewing machine will last a very long time.

6. JUKI TL-2000Qi

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The Juki TL-2000Qi is a powerful tool with many handy features.

The automatic thread trimming function on this sewing machine makes it easy to remove top and bobbin threads. The thread tension adjustment system on the Juki TL-2000Qi is great and allows you to adjust the thread tension for both tread and fabric.

A microprocessor in the sewing machine monitors the sewing speed, allowing you to easily adjust the sewing speed according to the type of fabric you are using.

It works with the densest fabrics and multi-layer products. The bright LED backlighting of the work area makes it easy to work with complex materials.

The Juki TL-2000Qi’s needle control is more accurate than in a regular sewing machine, giving you a more accurate seam. The machine comes with an automatic threader, which eliminates the difficulty of manually threading the needle. The Juki TL-2000Qi contains LED lights that illuminate the sewing area.

We believe that the only disadvantage of this sewing machine is its high cost.

7. SINGER Heavy Duty 4423

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Singer is one of the most famous brands among sewing machines. Model 4423 from Singer is a real beast and will help you perform any kind of upholstery work.

According to the manufacturer, this is a heavy-duty machine that can sew and stitch everything you need.

This machine can sew different in density fabrics, both very dense and in several layers. It can sew denim, jute, leather, and several layers of cotton without any problems.

The powerful Singer 4423 engine makes it one of the most popular sewing machines for upholstery work. At 1100 stitches per minute, this sewing machine has very impressive speed. Even at this high speed, the Singer 4223 doesn’t miss stitches.

The adjustable pressure of the presser foot also allows for lighter stitches. In addition, Singer 4423 has 23 types of sewing operations.

The assortment of all kinds of accessories includes a universal foot, zipper foot, buttonholes, sewing buttons, extra bobbins, a bag of needles, and a soft dust cover.

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